Spectrasonics Atmosphere
Spectrasonics Atmosphere

Atmosphere, Other Virtual Synth from Spectrasonics.

Sl 10/10/2003

Spectrasonics Atmosphere : Sl's user review


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About 1 hour of installation (but it is prvenu since Setup tells us).
It is about choosing the place or will place the file containing the samples (3.74 GB).
Trs interresting when we have two hard drives (one for samples, one for audio tracks longer).


My PC: Athlon XP2000 +, 512MB DDRAM, 7VAXP Gigabyte motherboard (Via KT400 chipset -> no problem in DPIT of the reputable Via), two Seagate Barracuda (80 and 120 GB -> total silence), sound card M-Audio Delta 44 (24bits, 96kHz), Windows XP
Perfect stability.
It takes 1 5 sec to load a program.


I think I have little essay prs all existing virtual instruments today.
I think therefore have a certain distance.
Spectrasonics Atmosphere This could (or should in my opinion) be the first virtual instrument
mythical as have many synthtiseurs t (which we find the sounds for that matter)
Certainly when evokes the name of Spectrasonics, we expect the quality but it's the one who rve couraging.
The sound library is huge, varied, a sound quality (especially in 32-bit mode) that has nothing do with any other VST instruments (except may be the Moog Modular, hlas trs heavy, complicated and sounds which standards must be reworked to be "mixable", and some sounds Plugsound).
In addition, you can REALLY CRER new sounds by fiddling little trs.
If a lot of sounds are oriented atmosphere, all types "synthetic" are around (you will not find a guitar or trumpet shrill nasal!).
Nothing is cast, no sound "rotten."
Need I say more? THANK YOU