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Steinberg Other Virtual Synths user reviews

  • Steinberg Plex

    Steinberg Plex - "Alot of presets"


    I have been using Steinberg Plex for a little over a year, it is 100 percent free and best of all it comes with over 300 presets! Plex gets very good reviews from users all over the World which is why I gave it a shot and I have been using it every …

  • Steinberg Plex

    Steinberg Plex - "Strange but nice VST."


    This VST installed as easily as any other, there were no compatability issues with FL Studio at the time and it still runs perfectly to this day. The GUI of the vst is a very strange one from the usual, as it allows you to model your own sounds based…

  • Steinberg Embracer

    Steinberg Embracer - moosers's review


    Steinberg's Embracer is a virtual synthesizer designed for use in their DAWs like Cubase. I've only used the software in Cubase SX 2.0 for the most part, and a bit with SX 3. It has been a while since I used this software, so I honestly can't remem…

  • Steinberg A1

    Steinberg A1 - moosers's review


    Installing the Steingberg A1 was a quick process as it came installed when I installed my Steinberg Cubase SX software. I had no compatibility problems at all as the same manufacturer made both the soft synth and my sequencer. After installing the …