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Bogner Overdrive pedals user reviews

  • Bogner Wessex

    Bogner Wessex - "A 'clean' overdrive"


    I've been using this overdrive combined with the Harlow and the result is awesome. The Wessax alone already sound very good, the sound stays focused at whatever saturation level and the tone control is both very musical and efficient, and entirely…

Translated user reviews
  • Bogner Ecstasy Blue

    Bogner Ecstasy Blue - " The Swiss Army knife."


    This is an Overdrive, decorated d 'a Boost with 3 bands and several équalo switch setting sensible reproduce the typical sound of the famous amp of the same brand. Everything is available analog "by hand", that is very convenient to repeat, beef or…

  • Bogner Ecstasy Blue

    Bogner Ecstasy Blue - Qill's review


    Bogner pedal drive by repeating the Blue channel amp Ecstasy Volume 1, Volume 1 boost 1 Treble, 1 Middle, Bass 1 1 Gain 1 Gain boost 1 variac Switch on / off, 1 Switch Mode plexi / blue, 1 eq n/b1/b2 pre Switch 1 Switch 100/101/20th structure…

  • Bogner Ecstasy Blue

    Bogner Ecstasy Blue - " Before I Blue .... but that was before."


    Beautiful object, not heavy enough to make junk, flawless finish, high-class components for analog pure cold pressed juice. Mono input / output, an entry for a remote control via MIDI, 2 footswitches for true bypass effect on / off & boost on / off. …