Bogner Ecstasy Blue
Bogner Ecstasy Blue

Ecstasy Blue, Overdrive pedal from Bogner.

Megajp 06/13/2014

Bogner Ecstasy Blue : Megajp's user review

«  The Swiss Army knife. »

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Value For Money : Excellent
This is an Overdrive, decorated d 'a Boost with 3 bands and several équalo switch setting sensible reproduce the typical sound of the famous amp of the same brand.
Everything is available analog "by hand", that is very convenient to repeat, beef or live ... you can quickly adjust the sound to the ear.
Although fairly imposing it integrates perfectly into a pedalboard with input jacks and 9V power supply, manufacturing is neat and very strong.


The pedal is very easy to use, the pots are aptly named for the man who knows adjust an amp,
the large number of toggle switch allows you to set the type of saturation with desired precision.
For my part, after a year of use I am Variac: OFF the side tube amp missing fishing don 't embale, those seeking the "root" Blues or maybe ... well I don' have not yet deepened thing.
the mode is Blue, I have bought a pedal Bogner it's not for sound Marschall Zounds!
Pre eq structure and then ... I put mystery mostly B1 and 101 which must match the preamp of a well known ... at BOGNER! Amp!
Volume and 60% gain which varies between 40 and 60% depending on my mood. For Equalisaton I'm rather a fan of 6-3-3 expensive to Didier Deschamps ... with 6 acute.
For BOOST I put the gain and volume to 90%, that is supposed to be my sound for solos, to exit the MIX.


Ouch, ca spoils a bit. I thought I had a big sound in a rhythmic and are well defined and powerful solo. no!
pedal walking backwards I have a very nice overdrive rhythm (Tube Screamer style) and a big sound (Big Muff style) in Boost.
I'm pretty happy with the result on my Fender Stratocaster, however on my Gibson Les Paul that is rough on my Gibson ES-335 ca crunch well on my White Falcon Gretsh no question of engaging the unfortunate boost! and finally my Rickenbaker 360/12v64 is how to say? decadent?. Very mixed results following the guitars, so ...


I use it for a year, I tried / bought a lot of other pedals ... a little preview? will:
Maxon OD-9, Electro Harmonix Big Muff, Pro Co RAT are my "unassailables"
and then those who have gone to oblivion Boss, Ibanez, Marshall not to mention, although the Boss super stack left me good memories.
I like the Blue Ecstasy, I find it pretty convenient [especially can jump clear sound (bypass) to Boost], tru bypass and no buzz make a queen pedalboard. I'm pretty disappointed with the sound rendering, okay I have a Mesa Boogie Road King with saturation and the boost will not equaled pedal.
So I bought this pedal to compensate for the absence of my amp, so it does not matter.
However the TubeScreamer side + Big Muff 300 € in fact a good quality / price ratio (the breath of the Big Muff less).
Another negative wha-wha (mine is a Custom Audio) and Boost, it works not strong, ca hand spin in the treble. Be put behind wha saturates say to me, but I is Wha Tuner + + + + Delay Sature Vibe worse and that is all!

If c 'it again, I do not will buy it, but paradoxically I keep it for convenience, reliable and solid. (We are complicated guitarists, eh!)
In conclusion it's a great pedal, but we must see it in the meeting of OD and a FUZZ sound reproduction rather than the tube amps of the brand.