Bogner Ecstasy Blue
Bogner Ecstasy Blue

Ecstasy Blue, Overdrive pedal from Bogner.

Qill 05/13/2014

Bogner Ecstasy Blue : Qill's user review


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Bogner pedal drive by repeating the Blue channel amp Ecstasy
Volume 1, Volume 1 boost
1 Treble, 1 Middle, Bass 1
1 Gain 1 Gain boost
1 variac Switch on / off, 1 Switch Mode plexi / blue, 1 eq n/b1/b2 pre Switch 1 Switch 100/101/20th structure
1 swich on / off 1 Boost switch on / off
Handmade and pedal True bypass
9v power supply


Fender Deluxe 65 Les paul Tradition, American Strat and Tele


Pedal lets go of the light to drive the most punchy drive and all without flinching or become draft provided that they remain reasonable with Boost because it feels fast fuzzy side besides I never use, otherwise pushing the limit to gain back what is surprising is that it still spits out a good sound remains audible and super crunch unlike other or beyond 13h was more a Big Muff, if the pedal is super dynamic condition of having a very high volume in the amp and out of the pedal, there is enjoyable limit
By against the Plexi mode, bah there is more in the soft Plexi not expect to Plexi villain who turns to the JCM, limit I ask questions if this is not just a sales pitch ... Just write plexi on a pedal for it to sell right away more as the mode is on the head ... if the user does not have a vintage record, also across the sound seems very modern, this is right so fans of pure vintage sound ...
Overall it's still okay for a drive by fans against the plane type Hard Rock I remain puzzled by that is at the limit of its big rock for Guns'n'Roses plan it lacks it's like potato in Welcome To The Jungle with Jean Claude Van Damme lol for Aerosmith planes so the fact that Hard Rock / blues but no more, for more hard Bogner Records released the Rouge for it, but I find it rough and fuzzy .. . really no what to


What can I say ... I think it is a pedal fashionable and like any patterns that eventually passed, eg t-shirt Waikiki, merguez advantage of short Muscled ...
If the pedal is expensive even then too expensive to streamline things a little, we say that it is handmade it is signed Bogner etc ... except that it is in motion larfeuille € 295 less it is " holiday I forget everything "
I promised myself not to buy pedal beyond 200 € because it is less savings to take another amp and drive like an amp remains inimitable as well go to the source that ... take the muddy ground like shit ... it reminds me a saying ... if you read me baby ... lol
Pedal that I did not keep, for now I keep all my pedals Benrod