Budda Phatman
Budda Phatman

Phatman, Overdrive pedal from Budda.

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ouil 06/18/2005

Budda Phatman : ouil's user review


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Overdrive / distortion
2 12AX7 tubes double tiodes
edition can not
Between a guitar amp 1out
A switch to trigger the effect: a note bypass Fully respecting the original sound

I put 8 / 10, because another switch to choose between two saturation, in order to have a choice between a crunch and overdrive, t would be good (as in tube factor of Hughes & Kettner)


Setup could not be more simple: four pots, one gain, one bass, one treble, volume 1
trs edition sounds simple, corrective effective enough to form the sound with precision recherchbr /> simple manual (1 sheet to give 2 / 3 examples of sounds), but for this type of pedals not need more


We finally addressed the chapter INTERESTED: it's a real killer! From the crunch the most lightweight disto big, it covers all needs (except mtal: for there is a zenman of budda also with a total gain increased by 25%) with a sound quality issue: heat, DEFINITIONS, precision
saturation is rich in harmonics and one tural musicalitbr /> I use a G & L Start and Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and pedals that fully respects the nuances of the game (essential for the blues) and its sonic palette allows you to play all types of blues and rock (up to Deep Purple to give you an ide of saturation possible)


This is exactly the pedals I was looking for: trs as picky about sound quality I wanted one with his pedals brings something amplifier lamps while maintaining the original sound, I 'm not and I would do exactly the same;
I tried also the mesa boogie bottle rocket (it is also strangely similar) have not been available both at the same time it is difficult to make a comparison, but I would say the budda DEFINITIONS possde can be a sound lgrement suprieure and saturation can be a little more important.En least two products are similar and trs enthroned at the top of the pedals saturation and the price seems high even if it is justified by the quality of the circuits, the choice of tubes, the density and sound that one gets.