Maxon OD-808 Overdrive Reissue
Maxon OD-808 Overdrive Reissue

OD-808 Overdrive Reissue, Overdrive pedal from Maxon in the Reissue series.

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Matosman59 10/18/2014

Maxon OD-808 Overdrive Reissue : Matosman59's user review

«  Geniale! Worship »

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Overdrive, boost, channel 2 ....


Simple, yes, but it sounds.
Perfect for blues or rock and is even used by any and all bad mettalleux hairy!
Overdrive typed the beautiful grain.


Yes, the sound quality is present and the inimitable grain.
J have read here and there that it adds treble ..... Uh .... It is not a saturation but an overdrive! :)
And there's too much treble .... You must use the "tone".

Used alone, there are already enough of course fun. In boost, to clip the signal to have a nice sharp overdrive .... Anything is possible with this pedal!
For sound SRV (for those who find that it does not ring, listen two or three titles that he could do it!) I have bought a 2nd ... And then in j c pleire still so beautiful.
On the all-tube, high-end, mid, low-end, on the hybrid on the transistor, with humbucher, p90, simple microphones, c is happiness in a box.

I also have used the upstream of other much cheaper (joyo, bad monkey ... etc) and the transcandent overdrive. Ditto for saturations ... Etc

Some criticized him for too color the sound when it is put out ... And although they light up the! Lol
To become serious, it does not stain near the amp.
For the purist purist in an a / box and the problem is solved, but I do have never used because I don t find real value (even with both od 808 series. Or at worst, it is possible be modified to pass in true bypass ...


We may not like grain, but then to say that it does not ring, it's really abuse it!
This pedal is worship! To possess any good pedal board or as the only pedal in its armada!