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PROEL DS10 - 'magic' pedal!

By Hieroglyph on 01/30/2014 - (Anyone)
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Proel DS-10 Blues Distortion
Proel DS-10 Blues Distortion

Overall Rating: There are hundreds of Boutique pedals and many promise more than they deliver (Klon comes to mind as an example) I was put on to this pedal by accident and just happened to find one on ebay. I didn't know what to expect, but what I got was EXACTLY what I needed. I was ready to let the Cornford go in favour of a Tweed Deluxe or 57 Twin as wanted a more articulated character with my breakup. However, now I have that quality, AND also an amp that is renowned for delivering great British Blues and heavy Rock tones to boot. So, the DS-10 saved its bacon! Oh, and all this lovliness now comes in at bedroom levels no less!

Sound Quality: This is a remarkable pedal inasmuch as it boosts your guitar signal in specific ways to interact with your amp. It is quite bright so you do not lose any definition in your tone and is so sensitive, that you get marked changes of effect with the slightest of dial selection. Also how you mix the 3 controls gives wide, but subtle and highly usable tonal options. For instance: With a Valve amp it will not only drive your power amp section, but 'clean' it also; all mid and mud is removed at the click of a switch. 

I run this in conjunction with a Cornford Roadhouse which offers hi-gain Marshall-esque, British rock tones applenty. However with my Gibson 335, on its own the Cornford is very muddy (still nice sound but not always suitable). With the DS-10, engaged, and a few tweaks of the EQ's and I have a remarkable punchy, Bluesy and easy to break up 'ripping' tone that I can control by pick dynamic alone. Makes my 335 come alive and adds fantastic articulation.

However, biggest shock was when plugged in the Tele and Stratocasters and after a minimal re-EQ-ing, I suddenly had a Fender Delexe Reverb tone on edge of breakup, but at room levels. All the dynamics are there - maybe not the full tuneful quality of avintage Fender DR, but how many hand-made (non Chinese!) amps give you distinct Marshall and Fender out the box at a sub ¿¿1000 price point?? So, this pedal makes me and my Cornford very happy!

Here are two clips (not my work) that give an idea on how it can help with your sound - remember, it works WITH your amp not against it!!


Reliability/Durability: I bought this off ebay used for 25 euro from an Italian user (I am UK). Is clean and fully functional and heavy (!) and probably already 3/4 years old, so expect years of use.
Ease of Use: Robust Metal casing that is hinged at top to allow access to Battery (like lifting a car hood!). 9V battery or DC. Level, Tone, Distortion controls, sturdy footswitch.

Proel is an Italian company and unit is made in Italy. The DS-10 has now been superceded by the DS-20 but DS-10 is better suited to the low gain, non fuzz, 'Boutique' style (non Metal) Distortion. 
I also use it with my Boutique 'Keeley' Upgraded BOSS ME5
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