Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive
Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive

Sparkle Drive, Overdrive pedal from Voodoo Lab.

docteur blues 10/20/2004

Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive : docteur blues's user review


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Effect of an analog amplifier lamps imitation of the sixties-seventies. The principle effect is to superimpose in a continuum subtle sound of the grate clean with a tube screamer fawn drive more or less Submitted.


Config gnrale simple effect is in two parts, a volume of overall effect, the sound of the guitar goes through two pedals in the "voice". One clear "clean" without treatment (well almost, but not neutral compltement) the other drive, a tone knob can grow more or less acute frquences. What is interesting in this trs traffic is that the dosage clean / trs drive is effective it is the strength and the two voices remlangent out of the pedals.


Indeed effective, efficient and tube screamer trs approaching its one really lights a few shoots. I am partisans discrete effects and it is perfect and brings a great CRUCH rich in harmonics. However, pushing the gain and reducing the clean way it brings a big sound.
I use the OD808 Output guitar and then I go for a BOSS ME5 qualisations delay reverb and other traffic. Then send a Messa Boogie studio 22 I pushed half power. I am part of the School who believes that it is primarily the guitar is the sound. So I play a lot on the tone and volume of my Start pickups. I only use the OD808 trs discreetly, e, lightweight boost or take a few frequencies.


I no longer have the pedals because I now use the Maxon OD808 which has the same CHARACTERISTICS sound and is even easier to use.
In the range of tube screamers I find it a bit expensive (200) compared the Jdekyl Hide and Visual Sound (180) which is terrifying efficiency opportunities with much larger and possde the same grain in the pitcher Sparkle Drive and OD808. I pay my OD808 150 and I have the same quality as the Sparkle.