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  • Eric Beam L-401 Console EQ

    Eric Beam L-401 Console EQ

    11/14/11 in Eric Beam L-401 Console EQ

    Eric Beam has released the L-401 Console EQ, a collection of programs for Acustica Audio’s Nebula.

  • Millennia NSEQ-4

    Millennia NSEQ-4

    11/01/11 in Millennia NSEQ-4

    Millennia Music & Media Systems debuted their NSEQ-4 parametric equalizer at the recent AES show in NY.

  • Empirical Labs DocDerr Module

    Empirical Labs DocDerr Module

    06/27/11 in Empirical Labs DocDerr EL-RX

    Empirical Labs is pleased to announce the DocDerr, a new API 500 series multi-purpose channel strip.

  • My Audio Lab PEQ-1 Passive Tube EQ

    My Audio Lab PEQ-1 Passive Tube EQ

    06/27/11 in My Audio Lab PEQ-1 Passive Tube EQ

    The PEQ-1 is a passive, tube EQ based on the famous Pultec EP1 circuit.

  • Tube-Tech ME 1B

    Tube-Tech ME 1B

    04/27/11 in Tube-Tech ME 1B

    Softube has released Tube-Tech ME 1B, Tube-Tech's unique take on the Pultec MEQ-5 midrange equalizer.

  • AMS-Neve 1073LBEQ Lunchox

    AMS-Neve 1073LBEQ Lunchox

    04/12/11 in AMS-Neve 1073LBEQ Mono EQ module

    AMS Neve continues the development of Lunchbox-format modules, this time with the 1073 EQ.

  • Thermionic Culture Freebird

    Thermionic Culture Freebird

    03/13/11 in Thermionic Culture The Freebird

    The Freebrid is a 3 Channel valve EQ, "We've introduced a new product that can be considered as part of a modular system, in our own unique style of course. The Freebird has 3 channels of broad but versatile valve EQ. The unit is a half rack design but can be put together in a 19 inch rack case with another unit to give 6 channels of EQ."

  • [NAMM] A-Designs JM-3001

    [NAMM] A-Designs JM-3001

    01/14/11 in A-designs JM-3001

    The JM-3001 from A-Designs Audio is a preamplifier, equalizer and instrument input housed in a single-rack-space frame.

  • [NAMM] A-Designs EM-EQ2

    [NAMM] A-Designs EM-EQ2

    01/10/11 in A-designs EM-EQ2

    A-Designs Audio announces the availability of a new two-channel rack-mounted version known as the EM-EQ2.

  • Whether for Recording or Live Performance, the Right EQ is Crucial

    Whether for Recording or Live Performance, the Right EQ is Crucial

    12/08/10 in Parametric EQs

    Equalization is one of the most important and powerful tools in the recording enthusiast’s arsenal, yet too many people adjust equalization with their eyes – not their ears. For example, one time after doing a mix, I noticed the client writing down all the EQ settings I had made. When I asked why, he said it was because he liked the EQ and wanted …