JBL 4312mk2
JBL 4312mk2

4312mk2, Passive Monitor from JBL.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
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yoTrakkz's review"Nice set , buy them"

JBL 4312mk2
These are another pair of monitors that are used frequently in the studio that I work at. They are the passive versions of the BM15A, which we tend to use most regularly at the studio. These are passive, which means that they require the external power supply in order to work. I tend to prefer using the active monitors, but these are effective to use as a comparison. For instance, when something sounds crystal clear in the active monitors but still sounds muddy in these, that means that a few slight edits could drastically improve the mix in general, and it will sound better on both. It's not always so cut-and-dry, but having another pair for contrast serves us well over here.


The stereo image on these monitors is really great. It's not much worse than its active cousins' image, but it is noticeably different. The low end in particular is slightly muddier, but only in comparison. Compared to most monitors I've used, the low end sounds phenomenal. Obviously the high end is pretty great too. The dynamics get the full treatment here, there's not any excessive compression in these speakers. The speakers tend to be really clear in general. There is absolutely zero coloring from these monitors.


These are pretty massive sounding monitors. While we are spoiled over here in being able to use them in tandem with the BM15A's, I want to make perfectly clear that these are absolutely phenomenal in their own right. They are expensive, but less so than the BM15As, so for those of you for whom money is a factor, this is probably the way to go. Most likely they can handle any project you will get. I really can't stress enough how good they are.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" legendary speaker"

JBL 4312mk2
Pregnant after the technology o JBL Professional is the world leader with over 60 years experience.
All speakers are tudis, conus and built by technology from JBL Professional.
This speaker is a true justice.
Frank and deep bass that does not hang, medium rather than singing, sharp detour frquences scalpel.
80% of the studios during the PERIOD 70's 90's mixes have the greatest worldwide success on the 4312 series and 43.
This rdition Has made following numerous requests for professional sound engineer for, and mlomanes audiophiles.


DYNAMIC FANTASTIC shape with a QSC PLX 3002 amplifier
curves superbly gauges, stereo image sublime sound of absolute realism


NO, I was looking for a speaker to professional qualities, far above the norm HI FI said

centurygold's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JBL 4312mk2
Totally agree with the opinion of Mr. Matte or "Mr. jbl" I would add that before you buy I have heard in a Paris department store and I was immediately impressed by their power of analysis and dynamic breath in a volume as small. Many pregnant type column that I will not do They may not hold a candle. Jai actually made the comparison with models including tik very high end of the same manufacturer around 4 to 5 times more expensive. The tik seemed very dull and lifeless. the only one on the lot that is worth trying was a big BC ACOUSTIC type column with three massive hps real one in the lower 26 cm loaded by a large volume 17 cm for the medium has an acute compression of original gloss of the fostex outside if someone can give me an indication on this model I do not remember m alas! In all the other speakers seemed to be very many
failure or lack crucial life!
I put a 10/10 perfectly designed for an enclosure with the first components
choice. Curious technological prowess, the filter is reduced to its simplest expression.
This kind of material is music with a frankness that leaves you speechless.
s since it acts a remake of his only real competitor to him was the shadow of cabasse sampan with the medium and dome tweeter. The sound quality was very close guess it was only the lower part which was a bit shorter in cabasse due to the charge close.Mais antagonists remain safe and timeless values
to the intrinsic qualities unknown to date for the majority of black plastic toys sold for speakers to hide the poor quality of Japanese fabrication.Les applied this formula 80 years on their current fi elements as black could be seen that there s less acted plastic facade much cheaper to manufacture than those in brushed aluminum.


Everything is perfect on this model even the price! no comment


10 years with an absolute value for money shaming has accomplished much pretentious and irrelevant as are so good at laying the marketing pros!
alas this choice we can no longer do it again the manufacturers are very fond of black and
"Hight-tech plastic" c is cheap to produce and this is big .... especially since c is the same price as these beautiful speakers.

mattera91's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

JBL 4312mk2
Trs close to the 4312B, same components, not empty to distinguish the nuances of these two possibly MODELS at a cost you, so they appear to be twins .... in fact it ' is indeed the case!

I thought that there was indeed a small variation on this tweeter MODEL compared the 4312B, but it is not, to the latest issue of APRS StereoSound spcial JBL just out for me fter the 60 anniversary of the brand is exactly the same components, only the finish is not the same (walnut veneer for the wood and vinyl black 4312MKII for 4312B)

Many quality trsdfinies, nothing is left in the shadows, down fast, no frustration, if not the 20/30 hz, but in this volume can not be expected the impossible ...

In any case, this SERIES is voluntary, alive, let the music speak it with perennials and motion smoothness, which n'tait not the case gnrations Previous in because of their lack of finesse in the high end, which is not the case dsormais.

If the amplification following a not kidding, question and impact noise as possible without saturation .... I know nothing in this volume that can compete on these parameters, all catgories combined.

This comment is a kind of overlap with that of the twin sister, but cell will allow you to better understand ...


With the pairing, the scne homogne is, the combination of precision and dynamic potential is truly impressive to this compact.


I have a B version recently, the little sister of the family who will also remain at home as the rsultats obtained are thundering in context.