Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Yamaha NS-10M Studio
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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Yamaha NS-10M Studio

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etiennemougeotte's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Say it right now, I'm not an expert, just a musician Baloche (keyboard) and also an engineer of baloche (in every sense of the term!). it means above all that I need to know how to play any style of music, but also of course to listen. brief.

these speakers, without going into pure technical considerations that are beyond me much, actually rotten! but I have a pair and I use it every day or so. I use also a pair of very recent HS80M (which I do not control very well) and a pair of 1030 (which I'm considering separating).

I must admit, I have so far not yet found an ideal listening. the 1030 because they annoy me drool, I find "heavy", I do not know neither explain nor what is due. I feel just an unpleasant feeling for a long listen (an entire disk, it passes the second I pick up). the HS or NS10M, do not worry, I can listen to or work all day, but the NS bass has that make me cry and I find the HS too powerful for my use and too loaded with bass ... So each his own as he is wont to say here.

plain, I can not understand why they would be willing (even if it m'arange in case of resale) to put up 400 / 500 euro a pair of NS10 cardboard (not including the amplifier) for a "neutrality" you can have yourself with a kit of better quality for three times cheaper. is what it has to do with his side "vintage"? like all those who fight for the synth or sampler mid-eighties, is that the NS10 have finally become "cults" as to tear a small fortune in spite of its enormous technical flaws?

the "legend" who wants to be a thankless dedicated to listening and not mix the pleasure of listening seems unfounded, as this is true with any pair of powered speakers and passive low-end.

I know of no speaker that is standard, technically perfect and that makes unanimously. if so, as with any regard to the computer music or studio pro, it would be equipped with all the same! I personally do not like the U87, for example for making voice! eh eh.

re-brief, owner of a pair, I'm with, I'm happy, even though it's hard to have to listen to shit like the Compagnie Créole Lorie or above because that's my job ... but even the Pink Floyd sound bad on it!




- I should say that so I MIXE on all day! ...
Paul Arbert03/20/2008

Paul Arbert's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Let me be clear, I have no reason to give my opinion about these famous NS-10M ... except that it irritates the hair to see anything and everything here and so many people in one direction s'acharner the other to defend or get the equipment ...
So finally, as I am a player, I (you) tell me too what I think ...
I owned a pair of NS-10 between 1997 and 2002. five (long) years I worked as an assistant also studio pro, I give you a mile, they were obviously present ...
to progress and not to die stupid, but for me to play "pro", so I offered a pair with the amplifier suitable for my home where I did nothing but compose.

All day long I therefore NS-10M in the leaves. compared with the time course with the big Genelec and Tannoy embedded in the studio, they were itty bitty ... at any point of view. I'm not saying they were bad, no, but it is clear that it did not sound. and like everyone else I'm used to (sure?) and it was normal as was lowest in the end if it sounds the above, it will ring everywhere else ...

Yes ... but! if it sounds on Genelec and we know that the master sound equally well elsewhere, too!

I think, and I remain convinced that for once, everything is a matter of habit. my personal mixes sounded not too bad with me on my NS-10M, and sounded just as well in the car of my neighbor. when I am separated to buy powered speakers (I'm shy, I took over with MSP5 ...) I was a confused time. finally after heavy use, my mixes sounded good on MSP5 and just as well on the clock radio in my neighbor ... :-)

Today I work on HS80 and ... I'll let you write more.

in short, yes it is bad speaker in the sense of the term flattering, I mean, obviously, compared to listening to the same song will sound more "powerful", punchy, heavy on my HS80 on the NS- 10M ... like the same song will sound "better" on JBL to 1900 euro each on the headphones of your iPod ... but uh ... is not it just normal?

rebref, these speakers are in my view no mythical or necessary, and pay the price they are now is pure bullshit. it is the snobbery of home-studio owners frustrated. unless you nab a pair of 150 euro, I do not see the point now in 2008. competition, even within the Yamaha is well above qualitatively for much cheaper. Other brands also offer the very good cam. but damn 500 euro a pair of tweeters opportunity for MIDI, let alone one must add the amp and it is better not to add such a shit Samson or Alesis or ass, it's getting super expensive for a "standard "which was a fad.

In conclusion, it is not bad speakers, just that they are "outdated" and over-rated. the vintage look is not valid for everything related to home studio and music in general ...




I give 5 all over 10. an opinion, mine, which is only my opinion. without trying to revive a controversy that speaks very well alone. but as a former owner of the material I "had" to say what I think.
up to you to sort out ... and buy knowledge.

Al_Cool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha NS-10M Studio
I notice the mixed NS10 trs.
Long ago, I used the NS40. I shut enchant for what I did. There is even longer, I had Cacaboudin SUPERTURBO Deluxe mch paper woofer with a plastic basket. But these n'taient not bad enough I got and I have therefore changed for NS40.
Then I sold my NS40, can not satisfy my needs and I acquired a pair of NS10 occasion.
What was my joy at discovering the sound wave (still a very pretty word) out of the box shoes.

Well, a little j'xagre. What is true is that they are trs trs bad speakers, just as it is true that it is in all studios Submitted who respect in this world.

There is a reason cel. The same as that which motivated my choice. They are downright rotten. So much so that a final mix that sounds good on the NS10 (very difficult to obtain) will sound great on any installation, even low-end. So we use the NS10 to race to the bottom. These final mix is ​​much more difficult couraging in good quality on the Tannoy or JBL.


The curve is neutral frequency drives. Not difficult, it is so strait that there gure room for variations.
What good image?
The sound is quite clear and prcis if the mix is ​​excellent. Desired.
The dynamics ... If we need to make a phone snare by a 300 Watt amp APRS total silence, there is a dynamic, yes


I use them for 4 5 years and the particular feature that I like is that they are all particulirement infmes. I would not like is that the amliorent MODEL putting a good serious HP for example.
I used the JBL 4208, the Tannoy System 6 and System 8, and the famous Cacaboudin SUPERTURBO Deluxe mch paper woofer with a plastic basket.
The price quality ratio is hard Determines the extent where they are much too expensive for its product and yet they do exactly what I want. With exprience, I would do this chosen unless the NS5 Yam do so even worse. But it is utopian. Snif.