Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Yamaha NS-10M Studio
muzikal 03/02/2009

Yamaha NS-10M Studio : muzikal's user review


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Purchased new in 1988.

Monitor use of sound recording and mixing.
Low profile, their speaker technology facilitates close placement.

Used with a Luxman L series

They are currently in a terrible state, destroy cabinetry, recessed tweeter grills, and a wire coil of a boomer resoldered in 1994 (after falling). But they have the exact original sound and still run 18 hours in a row without flinching.

For their reliability (both tweeter that boomer), I recommend a 2x40W max quality with high headroom. Under these conditions, the HP are indestructible (Original HP)


The frequency curve is not neutral, it is obvious. I never heard a speaker with a medium bodied but also devoid of aggressiveness in normal volume. Severe and acute withdrawal, but nuance, this nonetheless.
Initially (acquired in 1988) I thought to sell them because of this characteristic. I quickly realized their true value most: accuracy and impact of this medium for the control of voice taken, stamps guitar, snare drum, bass drum kick etc ... Let's talk about voice control the accuracy is terrible, the least harmonic Devit is discovered and promoted relentlessly by the NS10. What other forum can do that?
Ditto for the electric guitar: how much precision to place a microphone in front of the amp! Can not go wrong with it.
The stereo is awesome. The dynamics are well represented with a good amp.

In mixing, when everything sounds coherent on NS10, it's really going anywhere, it's remarkable.

But one thing is true: they can be a single system of monitoring. We must supplement them with other pregnant comfortable in the low to avoid aberrations in the register and accurately in the high and extreme high.


I love the feature that I hate most: the medium absolutely inimitable.

Testing also KRK, Genelec, Alesis, Yamaha HS Series, Fostex PM-2 Series, Event, westlake, JBL, Tannoy ...

The report quality is awful if you do not know to what use his sound so special. This report is exceptional when they become pregnant an impartial judge to control the spectrum most sensitive to the human ear.

I would do this choice in the absence of an alternative to its specific use in this price range.
Edit March 2, 2009:
Let's be clear: these speakers are not for audiophiles. The NS10 are devices for measuring ingéson. Between the two categories there is a gap because the goals are far apart.
I have Genelec 8040 (two channels with a medium worthy of a three way), and listened to the M5, 6, 12, Adam, Focal ... In their own way, good monitoring.
But in balancing the volume and frequency fields from all sources of mixing, the NS10 is irrelevant. Disgusting to listen, Imperial and ultra-reliable in the information it sends. A passage on NS10 after going through the speakers of modern monitoring can correct past errors as small NS10 sends you to the figure without caution. And the service there, we can not do without.
A never put in a room under pain of no longer having friends who spends at home.
Indispensable in the studio.