Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Yamaha NS-10M Studio
leoturilli 05/14/2007

Yamaha NS-10M Studio : leoturilli's user review


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My choice will simply motivated by the fact that they are in all the studios of the world and many super ingestion s are known. We know them well but you have ESPECIALLY conaitre what sertent them. c is a pair ecoutes to mix it, master, just check if the mix is ​​good etc etc. Those who just want to listen to music on it must prepare the sound that seems small al compar a good pair of stereo speakers, but do not worry, c is normal for it is not what they are asked.


The sound is not flat in the bass or treble as it should be flat in ecoutes studio. It is not perfect either flat (not possible because there are a lot of acoustic fenomenes consider "acoustics of the room, amp etc etc") but they have a precision and remarkable detail. It can very well be dosed reverbs and well above the instruments placed in 2 dimenssions of the stereo image. In short, useful for those who shouaitent move from a pair of cheap ecoutes a true pair ecoutes. Dynamics I have the impression is not the best in the world but there are worse and they have many other advantages.


I do not take consideration of ngatifs opinion because the gentlemen below are mixing it but do not listen to music with so I think, after my amble opinion of course, that their opinion is ngatif because they are plant in their choice. I do not cross that their experience is as large as that of the best specialists in the world so they ca not be but it will for those who want travailer with.

PS: J hopes to mesieurs of audiofanzine you can not find this view too "expresif" as prcdant and you would keep it out of respect for those who seek more objective opinion. In any case, I would give bad reviews on your site because you obstruit my freedom to express m and you let people talk sy connaisent not.