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PC Power Supply Units user reviews

  • Corsair Professional Series Gold AX850

    Corsair Professional Series Gold AX850 - Linn Sondek's review


    Well, I will not go through four way and given my experience I say that this is a power supply Bouze. Let me explain: in one year it fell down twice! So Corsair ensures and exchange directly but € 27 port each time to return the invoice is salty ... …

  • Glockenklang HIGH-END POWERCABLE

    Glockenklang HIGH-END POWERCABLE - philooo's review


    Hello, I read everything and probably even "of anything" about the influence of power cord on the sound of an amp ... But a poor diet due to a cord-low end pc, could well impair the sound quality of an amp lamps honorable finally ...(?) So I …

  • Seasonic M12 600w

    Seasonic M12 600w - linn134's review


    Technical Data: This is an ATX PC power supply given to 600 watts. Installation is fairly simple, it belies the old power supply box, and installs the M12. My ex was an Antec PSU. Eg, for she had a tendency to whistle and it's pretty bad sign…

  • Antec TruePower Trio 650W

    Antec TruePower Trio 650W - ms2000r's review


    I've had three months Before I had a Zalman ZM400A-APF very good too but a bit short on juice. Quiet (AcoustiCase c6607 enclosure) and stable. Well it's expensive but it's good stuff. no sound of electricity or other ... …

  • Power Acoustics LC 420W Black Pro

    Power Acoustics LC 420W Black Pro - Benjisun's review


    Never had a problem with this power supply, the voltage while not as accurate as on top models are correct with a config reasonable at the time of purchase: b athlon xp-2600 1.5GB ddr 4 hard drives ... a good product. …

  • Yesico FL-480(T)

    Yesico FL-480(T) - permalloy's review


    I use it for 6 months This is a 480W PC power supply, fanless (no ventilos) So it does not sound, 0db. A wonder! But beware: nothing is lost, nothing is created (in terms of energy, at least) so that the power supply heats a lot, which is no…

  • Antec Phantom

    Antec Phantom - arnaud777's review


    Ok, so it is expensive, but when you search the silence, there's no better. I've had one or two months (?) and I do not think even more so ... is discreet;) dsavantage one: a heater! so it should be dcoupler Casing of your PC. But if you do you…