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Peavey IPR user reviews

  • Peavey IPR 1600

    Peavey IPR 1600 - "plenty of power"


    The IPR 1600 is 2 530 watts with 4 ohms, it does have speaker protection and crossover protection but. You can purchase the IPR in 3000 watts 5000 watts 7500 watt versions. All of them get more expensive when it comes to getting more watts. This unit…

  • Peavey IPR 1600

    Peavey IPR 1600 - "great for djing"


    I Received my Peavey IPR 1600 a few months ago, I already have owned a Peavey PV 1500, which I use for mobile DJ at wedding receptions, hooked up to a pair of Peavey SP2s, I did a/b test on some music comparing amps, and the new IPR 1600 compared w…

  • Peavey IPR 1600

    Peavey IPR 1600 - " Watts featherweight !!"


    'I have since the beginning of 2011, this is my first amp switching. I chose it as much by curiosity as by the test (pretty good!) Of Sonomag, and I must say I'm not disappointed. Certainly, its more than lightweight can be confusing and do not ins…