Peavey IPR 1600
Peavey IPR 1600

IPR 1600, Dual-Channel Power Amp from Peavey in the IPR series.

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ericthegreat 09/25/2011

Peavey IPR 1600 : ericthegreat's user review

« great for djing »

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I Received my Peavey IPR 1600 a few months ago, I already have owned a Peavey PV 1500, which I use for mobile DJ at wedding receptions,
hooked up to a pair of Peavey SP2s, I did a/b test on some music
comparing amps, and the new IPR 1600 compared well to the Peavey
PV1500, The new IPR 1600 sounds great and power out apears to me just a bit more power out than the Peavey 1500 in the stereo mode, I beleive the IPR 1600 is not able to bridge the output, ( my only complaint )
I like the selector swith to ouput full range , sub( below 100 hz ) and hi out ( above 100 hz). on each channel independly. The gain controls are smooth and well labeled but no detents,
They must have gotten a good deal on blue led lights ,cause they have the inside of the box is all lit up with them, : ) At only 7 lbs its amazing the output you get with this amp, The varible speed fan is quieter than the PV 1500 I have. The price and service from Sweetwater was great, I will need to put it thu the rigors of mobile DJ Events to give the final verdict but so far I am very happy with this amp. I am going to place an order for a 2nd one.

it is a light weight, low cost, Peavey power amp, manufactured in China. It is NOT a CS800, If you need massive power for huge sub woofers, you probably need to look elsewhere. It is digital, which equals acceptable lows, and lots of mid and high frequency power. Great for a system which reproduces VOCALS. It is from China, which is where things are built to Peavey specs at greatly reduced labor prices. For the price it's hard to beat. Low weight, good power, and Peavey reiiability. Mine works really well after a little over a year. It has it's place in my small gig system . Can't speak for others.