Peavey IPR 1600
Peavey IPR 1600

IPR 1600, Dual-Channel Power Amp from Peavey in the IPR series.

JimboSpins 11/07/2012

Peavey IPR 1600 : JimboSpins's user review

« plenty of power »

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The IPR 1600 is 2 530 watts with 4 ohms, it does have speaker protection and crossover protection but. You can purchase the IPR in 3000 watts 5000 watts 7500 watt versions. All of them get more expensive when it comes to getting more watts. This unit has ¼ XLR inputs and 2 channels. Back in 2010 I was using this amp to power some monitors that I was using at the time. It provided my set with plenty of power to run my whole sound. You can even rack it up and it will only take up 2 rack spaces.
Setting up the IPR 1600 does not take long. If you plan on running this for long periods of time you won’t have to worry about it overheating because it has a built in fan cooling system that will make sure you don’t over heat. I have used plenty of units in the past that didn’t have that cooling fan and things have fried on me before. It is a huge plus that for this price it has a built in cooling system.
While using it I was able to turn up the volume all the way and still get a clean sound with my monitors. It provide plenty of power to them to give me a crisp sound without any fuzz or hissing sounds coming through the speakers. The unit itself is also very quiet, the only sound you will hear from it is the cooling fan but that is very faint.
The value for the quality of sound this provided me via my monitors is great, there are a lot of other amps that have come out similar to this one within the last 2 years so that is the reason some people do not buy this anymore. I still think it is worthy of purchasing today and I would if I needed it again.