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Peavey XXL user reviews

  • Peavey XXL Head

    Peavey XXL Head - "Peavey XXL 100 Watt Head"


    i was in long and mc quade picking up my new but very used laney 1x12 50 watt combo when i saw this head unit surrounded by mesa's and marshall's, i have owned marshall's but never mesa's and never a peavey head, but i like peavey, i always have, i o…

  • Peavey XXL 212 Combo

    Peavey XXL 212 Combo - "Peavey XXL 212 Combo"


    I got this amp at Sam Ash for about 650 after tax. I originally was going to different stores to check out what kind of amps they carry. I had at the time a Marshall AVT 50, but I like to play more hard rock and some heavy metal so I was looking for …

  • Peavey XXL Head

    Peavey XXL Head - "Peavey XXL 100 Watt Transtube Amp Head"


    i bought this over at alamo music center in san antonio, tx for about 1200 dollars. I had been shopping around for a halfstack in several gear stores. i tried out a marshall, crate, randall, and this peavey. i liked the way they all sounded, the xx…

  • Peavey XXL

    Peavey XXL - "Peavey XXL"


    Purchased brand new at Steve's Music in montreal for 1500$(can), 750$ for both head and cab It can be played at 25, 50 or 100 watt, it means you can play it in your bedroom and it wont sound louder than that little prastice combo, but the sound gets…

  • Peavey XXL Head

    Peavey XXL Head - "Peavey XXL Professional Lead Guitar Head"


    I bought this blessing at AJ's Music (greatest shop around)for about 600 bucks. I bought it with the 5150 slant cabinet for 1200 total. I bought it for a more powerful better sounding amp then what i currently had. I love the Ultra channel especial…

  • Peavey XXL Head

    Peavey XXL Head - mattdll's review


    Head while transos 100W Series Transtube, 3 channels each with 3 modes acting on the gain and equalization general, a guitar input, an effects loop, an output "preamp out" and an entry "amp in" to shunt one or the other, two speaker outputs with impe…

  • Peavey XXL Head

    Peavey XXL Head - patvmax's review


    I who am a fan of the old work-badly jcm, jmp, and also 5150 and peavey classic all-tube 100 (rahhh lovely), laney also admit that this one left me on the wall so it is powerful and hot high power. he accepts the good and the blues grandpa mega trash…

  • Peavey XXL Head

    Peavey XXL Head - roguewillot63's review


    Head amp transistors. 100W of power, switchable to 50W or 25W. Connections than complte: effects loop, preamp output, between Poweramp, etc.. impdance choice of the baffle (16, 8 or 4ohms mono or Stereo). Reverbration numrique. 3-channel volume…

  • Peavey XXL Head

    Peavey XXL Head - Jow007's review


    Rhine everything has already been said: - 100W amplifier with selectable power (25W/50W/100W) - A small switch on the back that allows you to choose a sound (tight / med / loose) - Technology Transtube tube emulation - Input Power Amp, Preamp…

  • Peavey XXL Head

    Peavey XXL Head - Kawel's review


    All dabord is a transistor amp lamp that simulates the sound is pretty good but it has limits (should not dream too much either). Ca balance even when STRID with 100 watts into ohms 4,8,16 may have to choose the power output of the amplifier betwee…