Peavey XXL Head
Peavey XXL Head
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Kawel 12/09/2003

Peavey XXL Head : Kawel's user review


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All dabord is a transistor amp lamp that simulates the sound is pretty good but it has limits (should not dream too much either).
Ca balance even when STRID with 100 watts into ohms 4,8,16 may have to choose the power output of the amplifier between 25,50,100 watts like that it is possible to have the grain of the amp back without scaring the neighborhood.
There are three different channels clean, lead, and the ultra equalization is passive on the first two channels and activate the last.
For the connection:
A single input jack
There are two outputs for connecting to a stack stereo or mono when stacks of 2 (8 * 12 inches was crazy believe me)
Between a power amp to push even harder
Prampli output for making direct sound
A MIDI footswitch for the (supplied) to activate the effects loop and switch from one channel to another
Rgler a button to power the effects loop (2 positions)
And of course the effects loop with send and return.
Brief all good


Operation is intuitive with a trs slecteur which allows for three types of sound per channel and the usual buttons brief the door of a 2 year old.
For its part it and immediately it sounds as clear as saturates it's all good.
The manual does not exist ca stands on 5 pages but there is no need not at all serious.


I use this amp for 8 months and not once I dcu t be it jazz (cort LCS2) or rock (the epiphone dot) and mtal well nag (guitar is personal emg rulez).


I use it for 8 months and therefore of happiness, I have not found any significant default (even the price is not one).
Before I try to buy a Marshall VS100 and pictures are not bcp more effort so the peavey was impossible even to him.
RAPORT quality issue price plus the head stack XXL 412 js I had mono for a little over 1100 so cheap as to your exact once you play it.
A remake I choose the same choice but I will soon buy a classic 50 head for jazz because even if the lamp is trs simulation convincing my taste for jazz so if it is not enough you do not play jazz you will not have an excuse to spend a cot of this jewel.
PS: I'm not working with peavey