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  • Planet Waves Gold Instrument Cable

    Planet Waves Gold Instrument Cable - nickname009's review


    I used to only buy planet waves cables and these were the only ones I used to buy. They have upgraded them since and I believe they are better now. Previously the jacks were compressable so that it'd be a tight fit in the input jacks of amps and guit…

  • Planet Waves Pro Capo

    Planet Waves Pro Capo - moosers's review


    I recently picked up the Planet Waves NS Capo CP-02 in black and I will say right off the bat that’s it is now my go to capo for acoustic guitar. I bought it in a small music shop and it barely cost me anything. Previously I had been using the stan…

  • Planet Waves Jack/jack

    Planet Waves Jack/jack - "high quality cables"


    I've been using Planet Waves Jack/Jack instrument cables for about seven or eight years. I have a number of them and they are a mainstay in my guitar set up. I have found these cables to be beyond reliable. I have never had one break, and the gold t…

  • Planet Waves Capo Lite

    Planet Waves Capo Lite - "Great Capo"


    This is a great capo. Very easy to use. It has a knob that you turn to tighten or loosen it. It couldn't be easier to use. It's padded with rubber so it don't scratch up your neck when used. It says it's fine to use on Nitro finishes, but I can't com…

  • Planet Waves Custom Pro Instrument Cable

    Planet Waves Custom Pro Instrument Cable - "Great instrument cable for those who don't make their own"


    I bought a Planet Waves 20' Pro Custom cable back in June of 2010 because I needed a second one to run to my amp from my effects. Having used a cheap Livewire cable for over a year I knew that I wanted a cable that was actually decent, and that didn'…

  • Planet Waves CT-10 Headstock Tuner

    Planet Waves CT-10 Headstock Tuner - "Tuning everywhere"


    If you are looking for a cheap but good tuning solution, check out this nice little piece from Planet Waves. This is not your typical tuner as it doesn't sit in a rack, on a pedalboard or even on a table. This little baby just clips on to the headsto…

  • Planet Waves Quick Release Guitar Strap

    Planet Waves Quick Release Guitar Strap - "Planet Waves Quick Release"


    Stop, no don't, put down the drill. I repeat put down the drill. So you have a nice acoustic; it sounds great and feels great, but it doesn't have a strap button. I don't know why more acoustic companies do not install a simple strap button wh…

  • Planet Waves Elastic Cable Ties

    Planet Waves Elastic Cable Ties - moosers's review


    The Planet Waves 1/4" Elastic Cable Ties are simple little accessories for your instrument or microphone cables that attach to your cables and allows you to hold it together once it's wrapped up and ready to be put away. The elastic band is easily a…

  • Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable

    Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable - moosers's review


    The Planet Waves Classic Series 10 Foot Instrument Cable is a simple cable that I use at home for my electric guitar rig. I recently picked up a few of these just to have a few extra 1/4" cables around. Planet Waves is a company that I wholehearted…

  • Planet Waves Chordmaster App

    Planet Waves Chordmaster App - mooseherman's review


    This application, Chordmaster, is for the Iphone. It is basically a library of how to play guitar chords in different positions, as well as deciding which chords will work together musically. This is an Iphone application, and as such, it'd be surpri…