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Lo-Fi user reviews

  • D16 Group Decimort 2

    D16 Group Decimort 2 - "Decimate at will"


    See the "Info" tab for complete specs. Installs easily through an executable, authorization is processed with the keyfile which is available for download at your user account on the developer's website. The keyfile must be used within 72 hours aft…

  • iZotope Vinyl [Freeware]

    iZotope Vinyl [Freeware] - "Great Piece of Software!"


    It's freeware, so it's very easy to install. You give izotope your email address, and then they send it to you. Download it, install it, get to work. Once it's opened up the GUI is pretty straight forward. There are controls for things like dust amou…

  • iZotope Vinyl [Freeware]

    iZotope Vinyl [Freeware] - "Pretty cool, if you want vinyl effect."


    With this plug in it was very easy to install, just go to the site find it download it and install, it will automatically go into your vst folder for whatever digital audio workstation you use so you can then just go onto it and open it up and start …

  • Sonalksis TBK2 - The Ultimate Grime

    Sonalksis TBK2 - The Ultimate Grime - "Sonalksis TBK2"


    The TBK2 is part of Sonalksis Creative Elements bundle. It is a Digital Grimebox that creates sonic degradation. It differs from regular degradation effects with its real-time automation capabilities that allow for smooth transition on audio degenera…

  • Digidesign Lo-Fi

    Digidesign Lo-Fi - "Free Pro Tools plug-in that rocks!"


    This is a plug-in that will run on any version of Pro Tools. It comes installed with the software itself so there is no reason to purchase it outside of Pro Tools, unless of course you are using a different DAW. As it came pre-installed with the Pro …

  • Soundhack +decimator [Freeware]

    Soundhack +decimator [Freeware] - moosers's review


    The Soundhack +Decimator is a free lo-fi plug-in that is available for most systems. It comes in formats for both Mac and PC, as well as in RTAS, AU, and VST, which is pretty rare for a free plug-in like this to be available across the board. It's …

  • Nomad Factory Essential Retro Vox

    Nomad Factory Essential Retro Vox - moosers's review


    The Nomad Factory Essential Retro-Vox is a plug-in that is a part of Nomad's Essential bundle of plug-ins. This bundle is inexpensive and offers up nine plug-ins in total including this one. I believe you could buy this plug-in individually, but it…

  • Digidesign Lo-Fi

    Digidesign Lo-Fi - moosers's review


    Digidesign's Lo-Fi plug-in is one that is available in any version of Pro Tools. It is a plug-in that is available within Pro Tool's audio suite and isn't in any particular format. You don't need to do anything to install it, as it isn't external o…

  • Steinberg Grungelizer

    Steinberg Grungelizer - moosers's review


    Steinberg's Grungelizer is a free lo-fi/vinyl plug-in that I used to run in Steinberg Cubase SX 2.0 and Cubase SX 3. I don't know what type of plug-in format this comes in, or really even where to get it now, but a few years ago I used to run it. I…

  • E-Phonic LOFI [Freeware]

    E-Phonic LOFI [Freeware] - moosers's review


    E-Phonic's LoFi plug-in is a piece of freeware that comes in VST format. I'm not currently running this on my Pro Tools system, as this is a plug-in that I used in Cubase before I switched over to Pro Tools. As far as downloading and installing the…