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  • Top 5 reverb plug-ins for giving your mixes professional treatment

    Top 5 reverb plug-ins for giving your mixes professiona… - My Favorite Reverb Plug-Ins


    One of the most useful audio plug-in types in any computer-based studio toolbox is reverb. In this article, I’ll look at my five current “go-to” reverb plug-in choices. But first, a little background.

  • Add space to your recordings with these free reverb plug-ins

    Add space to your recordings with these free reverb plu… - 5 Top Freeware Reverbs


    We all know that reverb is one of the staple effects in a mixer's toolkit. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a recording or live mix without at least some reverb in it. But does getting a good reverb sound require that you spend hunks of money on high-end plug-ins or hardware? Not necessarily. You can actually enjoy a variety of reverb sounds…

  • Signal processing and effects plug-ins that won’t break the bank

    Signal processing and effects plug-ins that won’t break… - 12 Quality Plug-ins for $100 or Less


    Although top-of-the-line processor and effects plug-ins can be expensive, there are alternatives available that offer quality performance at budget-friendly prices. In this article, I’ll look at 12 such plug-ins, all costing $100 or less. I’ll cover signal processing and digital effects plug-ins in the following categories: reverb, delay, compress…

  • The Top Convolution Reverbs

    The Top Convolution Reverbs - Our readers' choice of the best commercial convolution reverbs


    Of all the reverb types on the market, convolution reverbs are perhaps the most intriguing, because their sounds are based on impulse responses from actual spaces such as concert halls, recording studio live rooms, gymnasiums, you name it. The following is a list of the top five convolution reverbs, as chosen by the Audiofanzine community.

  • The Top Reverb Plug-ins

    The Top Reverb Plug-ins - The Best Virtual Algorithmic Reverbs


    Frequently underestimated by beginners, the quality of a reverb plug-in can make a huge difference in the production of a song. That's why we made a brief review of the most essential plug-ins in this genre.

  • Reverb Parameters

    Reverb Parameters - How to Set a Reverb Processor


    Unless you're living in a tent in the middle of the desert, you are exposed to numerous natural reverberations every day. Our ears perceive reverberations that our brain interprets automatically to inform us about the shape, size and nature of the place where we are. Close your eyes and listen carefully. You'll notice that the sense of hearing pro…