Software Reverbs reviews

  • The reverb from heaven?

    The reverb from heaven? - LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven Professional Review


    The second version of Reverberate, LiquidSonics' flagship product, completely blew us away with its Fusion-IR technology because it actually provided an unheard-of flexibility and audio quality in the small world of convolution reverbs.

  • A Powerful Ambience

    A Powerful Ambience - A review of the PSP 2445 Digital Reverberator plug-in


    With the release of version 1.2 of its 2445 reverb, PSP now has the official blessing of EMT, the company that made the outboard reverb units modeled in this plug-in. We figured that was a good reason to take this baby for a test drive.

  • Reverberate Goes Fusion

    Reverberate Goes Fusion - LiquidSonics Reverberate 2 Review


    There are two clearly distinguishable schools in the software reverb world: algorithmic and convolution.

  • What's On Your Plate?

    What's On Your Plate? - A review of the Valhalla DSP ValhallaPlate reverb plug-in


    Most software reverbs offer a choice of halls, plates, rooms and other types of virtual spaces, but Valhalla DSP takes a different approach. The company has separated its reverb offerings into individual plug-ins for different reverb flavors, and sells each for only $50. As a result, you can get a high-quality reverb, albeit of a single type, for …

  • Spring Has Sprung

    Spring Has Sprung - A review of the UAD AKG BX 20 spring reverb plug-in


    When you think of spring reverb, the sound that probably comes to mind is the “boingy” one associated with guitar amps. For mixing sources like vocals, drums and pianos, you probably wouldn't consider a spring reverb. But the AKG BX 20, which was just released in Universal Audio’s UAD v8.3 software, might just change your mind.

  • REmatrix: The Chosen One?

    REmatrix: The Chosen One? - Overloud REmatrix Review


    Overloud, author of SpringAge and BReverb 1 and 2, extends its range of reverb plug-ins with REmatrix, which includes several convolution engines and an effects chain. Does it simply increase the possibilities of a tried-and-true technology or is it a new approach to the creation of spaces?

  • More than Just Another Reverb

    More than Just Another Reverb - Review of Eventide UltraReverb


    Eventide’s UltraReverb is an algorithmic reverb plug-in that offers impressive sound quality, sonic control and flexibility, making it a potent contender in the reverb plug-in wars. Not only does it feature reverb, but also a built-in compressor (mainly for compressing the reverb signal) and stereo delay line. As a result, it’s useful both for bre…

  • Reverb Construction Kit

    Reverb Construction Kit - The Test of QuikQuak's RaySpace


    There’s such a plethora of software reverbs, that an editor who wants to be a cut above the rest has to rely on originality. By allowing you to create any reverberating space you’d like, and to precisely define a vast amount of its sonic characteristics, for a reasonable price, QuikQuak RaySpace is a reverb that has a lot going for it.