Audio Plug-ins reviews

  • The reverb from heaven?

    The reverb from heaven? - LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven Professional Review


    The second version of Reverberate, LiquidSonics' flagship product, completely blew us away with its Fusion-IR technology because it actually provided an unheard-of flexibility and audio quality in the small world of convolution reverbs.

  • Tweed Indeed

    Tweed Indeed - A review of the Universal Audio Fender ’55 Tweed Deluxe plug-in


    Universal Audio has released plug-ins for quite a few guitar amps in the last couple of years, but its new Fender ’55 Tweed Deluxe is its first foray into the Fender amp world, and it’s a doozy. The plug-in, which is officially endorsed by Fender, recreates a mid-‘50s-era Deluxe model 5E3, a vaunted amp that could deliver everything from warm clea…

  • A Powerful Ambience

    A Powerful Ambience - A review of the PSP 2445 Digital Reverberator plug-in


    With the release of version 1.2 of its 2445 reverb, PSP now has the official blessing of EMT, the company that made the outboard reverb units modeled in this plug-in. We figured that was a good reason to take this baby for a test drive.

  • Mastering Made Painless

    Mastering Made Painless - A review of IK Multimedia's Lurssen Mastering Console


    The Lurssen Mastering Console is new mastering software from IK Multimedia that was created in conjunction with Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles, a high-profile facility that’s responsible for mastering multiple Grammy-award-winning albums, and Oscar-winning film scores and more. The product lets you access a software emulation o…

  • A Big Bundle of Processing

    A Big Bundle of Processing - A video review of Eventide Anthology X


    The Eventide Anthology X bundle ($999 street) offers users a large collection of effects processing plug-ins. Although there's an emphasis on the harmonizer/delay type effects that Eventide is famous for, you also get EQs, channel strips, a reverb, phase alignment plug-ins, and more. Many of the processors are digital recreations of analog hardwar…

  • A Revolution in Headphone Mixing

    A Revolution in Headphone Mixing - A review of the Waves NX Virtual Mix Room plug-in


    Headphones are great for checking details when you’re mixing, but to mix on them exclusively has always been a challenge — at least until now. Thanks to a revolutionary new Waves plug-in called NX (Mac/PC), you can put on your headphones and mix in a virtual control room with perfect acoustics no matter where you are. What’s more, NX also makes it…

  • JMP for Joy

    JMP for Joy - A review of the UAD Marshall JMP 2203 Plug-In


    Universal Audio has an ongoing partnership with the software whizzes at Softube to develop plug-ins for its UAD platform. This collaboration has resulted in many different plug-ins, including models of several Marshall guitar amps. The latest is the Marshall JMP 2203 Plug-In, which was released recently along with UAD 8.5 software. We took it for …

  • Reverberate Goes Fusion

    Reverberate Goes Fusion - LiquidSonics Reverberate 2 Review


    There are two clearly distinguishable schools in the software reverb world: algorithmic and convolution.

  • Limiting Unlimited

    Limiting Unlimited - A review of Joey Sturgis Tones Finality Advanced limiter plug-in


    A track with too wide a dynamic range can cause problems when mixing. Rather than using automation to smooth out the levels, which is very time consuming, a compressor or limiter can do it for you automatically. The Finality Advanced limiter plug-in from Joey Sturgis Tones gives you a versatile tool set for taming dynamics, and it adds some pleasi…

  • Lucky Sevens

    Lucky Sevens - A review of iZotope Ozone 7 Advanced and Ozone 7


    The Ozone mastering suite from iZotope has gotten better with each major update. The latest, Ozone 7, adds vintage modules to its processing arsenal, which allow you to add warm, analog-like sounds. All but one of the new modules are exclusive to Ozone 7 Advanced, which is more costly than the standard version of Ozone 7. Both versions have seen …