Eventide Anthology X
Eventide Anthology X

Anthology X, Other effects bundle or multi-effect from Eventide.

Public price: $1,195 VAT
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A video review of Eventide Anthology X

A Big Bundle of Processing
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The Eventide Anthology X bundle ($999 street) offers users a large collection of effects processing plug-ins. Although there's an emphasis on the harmonizer/delay type effects that Eventide is famous for, you also get EQs, channel strips, a reverb, phase alignment plug-ins, and more. Many of the processors are digital recreations of analog hardware units, and the sound quality is excellent throughout.

In the following video, we show you what's in the bundle, show examples of what the processors can do, and give our opinion on the bundle as a whole. If you don't have time to watch the video, you can scroll down to our star rating and Pros and Cons for a quick overview.


Audiofanzine's review:
Pros Cons
  • Huge selection of effects plug-ins
  • Many of the plug-ins are emulations of classic Eventide hardware effects
  • Includes reverb, pitch, delay, modulation, channel strips and EQs
  • Excellent quality pitch shifting throughout
  • Octovox provides up to eight voices of pitch shifting, and delay with notation-style editing
  • Omnipressor is a very versatile compressor/expander/gate
  • UltraReverb combines excellent sound with an incredibly deep feature set
  • UltraChannel is an extremely well equipped channel strip
  • EChannel gives you many of the features of UltraChannel with reduced CPU usage
  • Precision Time Align and Precision Time Delay make aligning multi-miked tracks easy
  • Instant Flanger and Instant Phaser offer excellent sound quality for effects of their type
  • Patch lists offer alphabetical view
  • Installation easy
  • You can authorize to iLok or to your computer
  • Two simultaneous authorizations allowed
  • Very expensive
  • A lot of redundancy in terms of pitch shifting/delay effects
  • H3000 Factory interface not particularly intuitive
  • Black Hole reverb not included
  • Omnipressor could use input and output knobs or sliders
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