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QuikQuak Software Reverbs news

  • QuikQuak Updates Fusion Field 2

    QuikQuak Updates Fusion Field 2

    04/12/10 in QuikQuak Fusion Field 2

    QuikQuak has updated Fusion Field to v2.60, which includes the release of a 64-bit version for Windows x64.

  • QuikQuak Fusion Field 2.5

    QuikQuak Fusion Field 2.5

    07/01/09 in QuikQuak Fusion Field 2

    QuikQuak has released version 2.5 of Fusion Field.

  • QuikQuak Plug-Ins Update

    QuikQuak Plug-Ins Update

    03/13/09 in QuikQuak RaySpace 2

    QuikQuak has announced VST-RTAS wrapper compatibility for all plug-ins.

  • QuikQuak Fusion Field

    QuikQuak Fusion Field

    06/13/08 in QuikQuak Fusion Field

    QuikQuak has revealed its next release - Fusion Field, a diffusion reverb that QuikQuak has created in response to requests for a RaySpace 'light' and a version of Glass Viper's own diffusion reverb.