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  • SONiVOX MI Vocalizer

    SONiVOX MI Vocalizer - "Worked great with my Windows 7 computer"


    I have been using SoniVox MI Vocalizer since 2011 and it has not gave me any issues or compatibility problems with my Windows 7 system. It can also be used on XP and Vista Windows systems too. You will need around 2GB of RAM for this to run good and …

  • Waves Morphoder

    Waves Morphoder - "A vocoder taken to the next level"


    The vocoder has gotten a lot of attention lately. In fact, most people talk about using auto tune and cranking it to snap to the grid, but the vocoder has been doing a similar effect for almost 70+ years now. It's not exactly a heavily used plugin …

  • Richard Wolton 4ormulator

    Richard Wolton 4ormulator - moosers's review


    The Richard Wolton 4ormulator is a free vocoder plug-in that is only available as a Direct X plug-in for Windows. It's definitely an older piece of software, as it's even been a number of years since I used it myself, and it seemed old at the time. …

  • Eiosis ELS Vocoder

    Eiosis ELS Vocoder - moosers's review


    The process of installing the Eiosis ELS Vocoder plug-in wasn't hard as it was the same basic process as installing most plug-ins out there.  I didn't have any compatibility issues or other problems and found the whole installation process to be pain…

  • Prosoniq Orange Vocoder

    Prosoniq Orange Vocoder - moosers's review


    The Prosoniq Orange Vocoder was an easy piece of software to install as it was just as easy to install as any other piece of software out there.  It only took a few minutes and I didn't have any compatibility problems or other issues whatsoever.  The…

  • Waves Morphoder

    Waves Morphoder - moosers's review


    I didn't have any problems installing the Waves Ltd. Morphoder plug-in as it was just as easy to install as most plug-ins out there.  It only took a few minutes and I didn't have any compatibility issues or any other problems.  The interface of the s…

  • Native Instruments Vokator

    Native Instruments Vokator - moosers's review


    I didn't have much of a problem installing Native Instruments Vokator as it was a simple process without any compatibility issues or other problems involved.  It was as easy to install as any other plug-in or virtual instrument has been for me in the…

  • Akai Professional D.C. Vocoder

    Akai Professional D.C. Vocoder - moosers's review


    Installing the Akai Vocoder plug-in was a quick and easy process. I had no compatibility issues with my configuration, and overall the installation process went smoothly. The interface of the Akai Vocoder is pretty easy to follow, even though there…

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