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All user reviews for the Edirol R-44

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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darkside2007's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Recorder professional"

Edirol R-44
4 Track Recorder SD card. Capable of recording at 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 (4 runs) and 192 kHz (2 tracks only) 16 or 24-bit wave format or Broadcastwave (bwf), no mp3. It can record the micro level (with 48V Phantom) or online combo jack (unlike the ZOOM H4N which records that micro level although the instructions say otherwise). on the other hand-10dBV analog output and digital S / PDIF RCA jacks (no analog output +4 dB XLR or AES).
Several combinations of recording tracks are available: four mono tracks, one or two stereo tracks or four tracks encapsulated (ie one single file containing the 4-track-type LCRS 4.0). Focus on only records the tracks simultaneously, no re-re.
The R44 has a mini USB port to get the sounds on a PC or MAC without dedicated software since it is viewed like any USB drive, very convenient
4 LR6 batteries are required for operation, but life does not exceed one hour (allow batteries in quantity), but it also depends on the use of microphones, having often used with a stereo mic Studio Projects LSD2 very energy intensive. it also comes with power adapter.

I have personally used in 2 ways:
Console-output +4 dB line PA (either XLR or by JACK) level. nothing wrong it is transparent.
-In capture natural sounds outside. Nothing particular to say, the preamps are pretty good, but if quality microphones (like Neumann KM 180 series) is also used and the ambient sounds are of a certain level (if you're looking to capture the sound of not an ant is likely to have more breath than sound, lol). Note that the R44 has a muliplexeur / demultiplexer M / S for use TV / film, which can be applied either to the recording (conversion M / S stereo to GD) or playback (recording M / S Stereo playback GD). Unfortunately this does not apply to monitoring (can not save M / S stereo and listen GD) damage.

My opinion:
This recorder is designed for pros or amateurs, it requires some technical knowledge, such as file formats, features digital recording or even the types of microphones. (It does not just press REC to make it work). For comparison, the ZOOM H4N that I use is also rather for the fans and musicians, although it can be used professionally.

The pros:
The pro-side (can record 4.0, no mp3)
-Registration on SD card (not HD like the R4 Roland, therefore more reliable)
-Light weight
Its 4-in / 4 tracks
-Recording broadcastwave (wave with tags)
Its high-range (micro any line level)
-Quality preamps (a little better than I think ZOOM)
-Bright, buttons very convenient transportation

the -:
-Consumption of batteries (as often this type of device), about 1 hour with condenser microphones.
-No monitoring M / S
-Its audio outputs RCA public
-The display a bit small, especially peakmetres.
2-its internal mics without interest, unlike the ZOOM (which is its strength)

didierkala's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol R-44

I would like to know if the EDIROL R-44 you can:
-Save A music track 1 or 2.
-Listen Track records and recording in sync text on a 3rd or 4th floor.
-Can Mix 4 tracks stro in master.

As was possible with a multitrack magneto yesteryear. I did this with a TASCAM 244 Jadis.
Thank you for your answer.

Best Regards.

telelh01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol R-44

I would buy a portable recorder. I have seen many but am relatively tent by the R-44.
I have some compar the Edirol R-44 with among others the Fostex FR2-LE and the Tascam HD-P2. The advantage is that the Edirol possde as prcdemment said among 4 XLR / JACK compared or 2 others who have only two and apparently (see pictures) ergonomics enough convenient for field work.
In my case, I want to have a versatile recorder is - say a recorder that allows me to do both made sounds of birds (for example) a catch of live sounds ... In other words, to record As low volume levels that more levs sound levels. And that's what the level that I have a small apprhension regarding the Edirol. Is what will make pramplis their job properly in cases expliqus prcdemment while having a sound quality worthy of the name. I ask myself this question after having compar R-44 to R-4, which has apparently not good pramplis. Are the pramplis they are better than the R-4 (and compar than the Fostex FR2-LE and Tascam HD-P2)?

Thank you for your answers

dad68's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol R-44
Acquisition Date: 07-2008

I turned on this product that I had prace
* 4-way acquistion of sensitivity with rgalge prcis
* XLR switchable between avaec alim fantme
* Storage capacity SDHC, I have an 8GB, but you can put more
* Rest in a budget rsonnable

I'll not go into the technical specifications of the device, you will find information on the amount of site Dirol

Here are my impressions Premire:

- Audio quality is to go
- The camera is super easy to use, trs rgonomique, visual
- Internal microphones are of good quality (the gain is of the type parcontre low, mid, hi) for these microphones
- Possibility of vroullier keys. The device does Designed to be worn in bandoulire, the main rglages are thus available in this case
- Routing audio super convenient
- Easy handling of file
- Connect via USB on PC, even running a virtual disk
- Integrative DSP that can affect playback or recording or both, and this inland.
- Power, battery, Battery, transformer, a menu is totally ddi feeding
the + +

Each time we find something that ESG, we will find a menu that allows you to configure as you want!

The BOFs ....

- Hair gourment for batteries. Given for 4 hours in recording or reading, I can not.
- The end of play (when you stop on appyue) is followed by a lg 'pop' (in the headphone, I have not tried the audio outputs). I find Gnant
- I found some small jumps in reading, but I do not know if it's a bad manip
- I found at a saturation level of long internal microphone, a cut from the roster of acquistion. Good intrt the recess is ridiculous plutt enreistrer a saturated signal ... but knowing the cause, j'me am saying that a purchase can happen in a well-calle (VENT I never finding. This is a take with BMOL, however if a happened to you I'm your customer exprience
the price!

I got this unit in a local music store at a price of 670 euros

Alex081's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol R-44
4 channel portable recorder numrique SDHC card up to 32GB.
Trs compact (18.3 x 15.7 x 6.1 cm) and lightweight (1.3 kg with battery and SD card included).
Format: WAV and BWF of 44.1 192KHz 16-bit or 24 (limit 2 channel 192KHz).
Connectors: 4 inputs with combo XLR-Jack phantom power supply (individually selectable) and 4 RCA outputs, SPDIF In / Out, USB-2, Headphone Output, 2 HP mini Intgr.
CONTRL possibility of recording a 2D R-44 via a sync jack.
2 omni mics for recording Intgr Stereo (sound of good quality but gnrent of breath)
Power: Plugged or 4 LR6/AA (4H maximum autonomy with alkaline APRS to the doc), or external battery (9-12V Voltage paramtrable).

Self-test with 4 batteries 2650mA (x4 Phantom power supply ON and Limit): 3h21min

Neither taken nor SMTPE Lanc.
No MIDI or MP3
For more dtails, link to brochure (PDF, English): http://www.edirol.net/products/en/brochures/7010_R-44_bro_72.pdf
I put 10 as a single product yet.

Using very simple and fast.
Manual paper relatively clear and comprehensive (too bad mine is in English!) + Paper guide making his destination beginners (paramtrage positioning of microphones and the R-44).
Navigation is fairly intuitive and the menus paramtrage ais plthorique despite the number of possibilities. The instantanment changed are applied and remain in memory.
Rglage Gain and the level of individual wheels by (2 per channel), limiter and low-cut.
Rglage output level only for monitoring with headphones HP Intgr otherwise fixed level-20dB.
Prsence 6 "Effects" numriques, finely paramtrables, recording or during playback: 3-band EQ, 6-band Graphic EQ, Noise Gate, Enhancer, Comp & DeEsser Mixing and MS. Using both a single effect, not mmorisables. (No effect at 192KHz).
I put 8 because no slider to adjust the gain / level a couple of microphones in Stereo using a single knob (rglage individual only) and limitations of use of effects.

The converters seem great: No breath and no noise at current; Reproduction sounds trs Fidler: tests on sax, bass and piano, the dynamic delights me: I have the impression of be there! Be careful though: I have no exprience in the field and this is my first audio recorder: I think is not critical, not having enough of hearing or of references to compare with objectify ...
But real pros seem excited about this mini recorder (see link ... all in English: https://taperssection.com/index.php/topic, 103270.0.html ( https://taperssection.com/index.php/topic,103270.0.html ) ).
I put 10 because I am There's probably better transport, but I did not need more!

I've had one week, so I just used that day trs.
I prfre: the wealth of potential as a recorder compact (about the size of an open hand ... for 4 channels!), Built TB (appearance pro trs solid) and lightweight: To me the recordings in 5.1 thanks the conversion of 4.0 live!
What I like least: No carrying case supplied as with the R-4 is mean! And I'll be forced to buy the height of the SNB microphones!
Report excellent quality-price product as unique today: A real product a pro rate amateur!
I do it again this choice without hsiter!

Off topic:
Petit message destination modrateurs: The R-44 is not in the correct CATEGORY product: it should be included in the "Recorders / pocket", such as R-4 (that in fact it replaces) and R-4 Pro, and not in the "Multitrack numriques / DTD". Thus it is certainly not consulted by most of those who compare portable recorders.