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Edirol Recorders/Multitracks user reviews

  • Edirol R-1

    Edirol R-1 - "very handy to keep on you"


    The Edirol R-1 is a compact solid state recorder that uses microSD cards to record .wav files up to a resolution of 24 bit, 48 kHz stereo with its built in, twin condenser microphones. MP3 recordings and lower quality stereo and mono .wav files may b…

  • Edirol R-09

    Edirol R-09 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    - How long have you been using it? Three months especially for field recording (radio reporting, sound recording, etc.). I always have it with me and I use the integrated mics. - Which feature do you like the most / the least? Pros: I always have it…

Translated user reviews
  • Edirol R-4

    Edirol R-4 - " Mobile greedy"


    I used both for filming for the classical recital, the work once done you can unload the catch of the day in 15 minutes on a computer through USB (or that of your client). Caution preamps blow quickly MIDI position, coupled with genuine pro preamps…

  • Edirol R-44

    Edirol R-44 - " Recorder professional"


    Features: 4 Track Recorder SD card. Capable of recording at 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 (4 runs) and 192 kHz (2 tracks only) 16 or 24-bit wave format or Broadcastwave (bwf), no mp3. It can record the micro level (with 48V Phantom) or online combo jack (unli…

  • Edirol U-8

    Edirol U-8 - " Small Controller time!"


    Easy to handle, slide the faders well and not flanchent under the fingers; certainly not very strong (plastic), but if have not sudden, everything is fine ... for them anyway! When the buttons for selecting various parameters of the console, they …

  • Edirol U-8

    Edirol U-8 - " Unexpected capabilities"


    I will not go on, and on what was said before. - It's a Swiss Army knife. - No phantom power. - The buttons and fader me look strong and long lasting. - I have not had the opportunity to install the app to use the effects. But stand-alone mode, y…

  • Edirol R-09HR

    Edirol R-09HR - RaphRaymond's review


    I use depuis3 weeks, to record rpeter rock, chamber music, jazz piano lessons my little things right and left ... I mostly chose to self (I am 7 am avecune pair of 2100mAh battery), its very compact size (more than other GENERALLY, 6cm wide and 11cm …

  • Edirol R-09HR

    Edirol R-09HR - J-Luc's review


    I have this camera for over a year, this is my first portable recorder. I love the recording quality on the built-in microphones that pass very, very well extremely severe (storms ...) as the input line. You can save directly to WAV or MP3. A small b…

  • Edirol U-8

    Edirol U-8 - laurentraymond's review


    ? How many lanes, bus attendant, of dparts, returns ...)? What is the type of connection (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)? The qualiseur Is paramtrique? An effects section intgre is it? ... For consoles numriques: What is the precision of chantillonage…

  • Edirol R-09HR

    Edirol R-09HR - ovni612's review


    I use this recorder for 6 months. Trs good product despite the following: - Ignition time too long ... When the unit is turned off it takes almost 9 seconds before you can pause the recording started. - The picture did not convince me stro ... …