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Zoom H5
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All user reviews for the Zoom H5

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 7 reviews )
 4 reviews57 %
 1 user review14 %
 1 user review14 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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Rick Dinsmore04/07/2018

Rick Dinsmore's review"Quiet, clean, accurate, great build quality."

Zoom H5
A very high quality recorder at a very fair price. Pre-amps are high quality and have plenty of power. Built in compression is pretty good. Has onboard editing features but the learning curve was a little high.
Build quality is excellent, seems very durable. Sound is perfect, have used with Procaster, RE20 and NGT4+ with very nice results.

One small negative is that unit uses batteries pretty fast, especially if you use phantom power.

RGAlix's review"Great performances, but lack of ergonomics"

Zoom H5
The H5 is super powerful; great built-in mics, great preamps, and the gain control knobs are a great step up from the H4n.
I highly recommend it, it offers a great quality and can be used in almost any situation.

The only concerns that I have are about ergonomics. My main issue is about powering it; on batteries, it doesn't last long at all when phantom powering an external mic. And the only option to plug it to a power source is using the mini-USB port. This is a shame, because it can be very easily get unplugged, either when moving the Zoom around, or because of the weight of an USB/AC power adapter + extension cord.

My workaround
I have found a way to power the Zoom that keeps things easy and handy; through power banks. They are cheap, lightweight and last forever (even when using phantom power). Here is a little explanation : http://rgalix.com/audio/power.png

olivgol's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nickel"

Zoom H5
Quality equipment, versatility, multitrack, nothing to say.

I give an opinion rather to contradict the opinion of "slanderous" that would have done better to read the instructions before returning in toto! Indeed, the bytes can so quite normal, the bounce too.
Briefly before saying stupid things that can guide the choices of other users, read the instructions !!

Personally I have not bought these particular features, but more for the extra compact recording concert or conference, quality is more than adequate, I think for the price (229 Euros in Audiosolutions) c is a downright bargain!
XY capsule provided original offers a beautiful sonic accuracy, well-brilliant highs.

In short I am delighted with this new device.
Shaven Shakrah11/16/2014

Shaven Shakrah's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Quality payable"

Zoom H5
I for one week.

Selection criteria:
Micro's good quality
Semi-professional quality
Used as a USB sound card
Compatible with my iPad
Maximum budget 300 euro

The H4n was not in stock in my favorite store, but the capsule demontable H5 is sexier
Only direct competitor is the Tascam dr-44 wl, but the wifi ... Not for me.
I've worked with Boss Micro Br and Zoom H1 for several months.
This is much higher, there is no picture.
Everything works well, the first test is inconclusive and breathless.
Surprise: even the headphone preamp is without breath, better than my sound card Tc Electronic!
Tip: To connect via USB to iPad, be sure to read the manual and activate the "loop back"

Not yet enough experience to know if this is a repeat.

Médisant's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A mix between a mutilated H4N and not finished H6 ..."

Zoom H5
I bought it to record multiple tracks at any endroite, and good quality, as a multi is supposed to.

I've tried many times the H4N and there is no photo H5 is apparently better:
Manual knobs and analog gains, interchangeable capsules, 15 hours of battery etc.
What make us want!
But the reality is quite different ... I would also like to warn those who want to acquire this recorder:
You can not with H5 in any case with multitrack recording in the same way as the fashion H4N. Let me explain:

There are 4 tracks:

L / R = embedded microphones, excellent quality
1/2 = both XLR jack.


First, the built-in mics can be used only on ONE track (actually 2) because they only record in stereo and take two tracks alone.
Second, it is impossible to record embedded on tracks 1 and 2 are reserved for the XLR jack them microphones.

In addition, there is no effect realized in the H4N apart compressors limiters low cut filter and two three odds.

Note that the Bounce, essential function, is impossible.

Forget to record multiple tracks one after the other with built-in microphones as they can only be used once, for the first two tracks that make the final one.

If the choice was to do it again I would not do it again, I will also send all this Thomann.
I recommend this product to those who expect better than the H4N.
Skip to H6 for those who just want to record different environments in higher quality than the H4N and have interchangeable mic capsules.

But forget the multitrack with this gear and stay there H4N cheaper and offer many more possibilities.

metasax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A marvel in the palm of your hand!"

Zoom H5
I waited, waited, waited an offer that fits my budget.
Having basically a h-4n that was stolen, I desperately waited an affordable opportunity for H-6 ...
But zoom certainly heard my calls and marketed this gem available for a few weeks.
This be part of the happy owners of the latest zoom brand, H-5 am.

It is well thought out, fits perfectly in the hand, texture peach skin that covers it is nice and nothing to spoil it contains all the technical features of its big brother the H-6: multitrack 4 votes, even signal / noise, line out, headphone, battery or USB power, apart from the lcd screen which is smaller and appears in black and white, and the number of XLR / TRS, 2 instead of 4.
For 130 € less than the H-6 and only 30 € more than the H-4n, there is more to think about!

Quality is at the rendezvous and the sound is really excellent. Much better than the H-4n. I also did not expect such a definition. The origination pickups are a formidable precision and reveal all that we do not even suspect the recording, it said. I found no saturation or distortion even at very high volume recording. All frequencies are well represented, compressor / limiter and make an effective miking becomes a real childish pleasure.
It is automatically recognized on mac and requires no driver for the sound card as leverage or simply access the recordings on the SD card. It is also compatible with all Micro H-6 capsules, and there I almost lose my words.
H-4n has lived and unfortunately for him, his successor is already there.

I remake that choice without hesitation.
Long live the H-5 and low hat Mister Zoom!

K-k's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" From top to zoom"

Zoom H5
Happy owner of a new baby zoom H5 for a price slightly more expensive 30 euros that the H4N, I am thrilled with this pocket recorder is like the H6 highest range!

here is two days that I use now and I see differences, gains which are adjustable via button on the front and fitted with a bar to avoid mishandling!

4 tracks recordable once (two microphones and two Y XLR with phantom power, compressor, limiter, equalizer short this little craft everything to make a quality recording

The sound is excellent and does not saturate even playing very strong and close H5 short, I discovered but I'm already very satisfied!
To those who ask the question is the same components as the H6 difference is the screen that is different and that allows for a cost of some € 130 less than the H6 and then 4 tracks for H5 against 6 tracks for H6 (but same quality sound) stereo capsule is different but I still do not know the differences (that of H5 most advanced air but did not function expanded from 90 to 120 degree as that of H6)
But all the capsules are compatible with H6 H5, that's cool!

I renchérierai I think a few more days!

268 euros but not nothing at all, no, I have no regrets as said the great lady!