Marshall MS-2
Marshall MS-2

MS-2, Portable Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Micro Amp series.

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 28 reviews )
 7 reviews25 %
 10 reviews36 %
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Value For Money : Poor
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MGR/Billy's review"Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp"

Marshall MS-2
This is the miniature pocket amp version of a Marshall halfstack. Half top, half useful. You can power it with an AC plug or a 9 volt battery. Also features a belt loop in case you wanted to rock out on the go.

Knobs are Clean or Overdrive switch, Volume and Tone.

I read that Dave Grohl used one of these on the first Foo Fighters record for layering guitars. No kidding, it works great! Throw a 57 over it and it can really add to the mix.

I believe I paid about $40 for one in a music shop.

The overdrive is fun. A bit thin, but hey what do you really expect out of a 1' speaker?

I also enjoy the looks I get from people when I tell them I use one to track guitars in a studio with!

It is cheaply made. I dropped it about 3 feet onto carpet and it broke. The input jack is soldered directly to the internal PC board and that is what came undone. I had to take out about a million unnecessary screws to dis and reassemble this beast.

Cheap, see above.

Fun amp that can be useful to get a different tone. Well worth $40. It will also work as a nice headphone amp.

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moosers's review

Marshall MS-2
The Marshall MS-2 is a solid state, extremely small and portable guitar amplifier. It contains only a measly single watt and is powered either by a nine volt battery or a power supply. It has the look of a real Marshall stack and it really does pack a lot of punch for such a small amp. It has a 1/4 inch input in the front of it and the power supply isn't included with the amp.


Using the Marshall MS-2 mini amp is a really easy thing to do as it only has a limited number of parameters. The amp has knobs for volume, tone, and a fixed knob to choose between on, off, or overdrive. It couldn't be any easier to use this amp and anyone with any experience at all with guitar amps will have no troubles at all. Even if you've never seen a guitar amp before, I would bet you could figure it out in a minute. I don't have the manual for the Marshall MS-2, so I can't say how helpful it is or not but the amp is extremely easy to use and you really don't need it if you don't already have it.


The sound of the Marshall MS-2 is surprisingly pretty good considering it only has a single watt of power. Of course it is limited in its use because of its small size, but does have both a pretty good clean and overdrive tone. While its really designed for portable practicing, which is what is really excels in, I've also heard of people using this for recording with good results. I haven't had the chance yet to try it out myself, but it makes sense because of the loud tone you can get in such a small amp. While this won't rival the sound of any larger Marshall amp or otherwise, considering the small size it has a pretty impressive sound.


I've been using the Marshall MS-2 for about three or four years and I've found it to be a great little amp. If you are looking for a cheap, reliable and portable amp to practice with on the go, the Marshall MS-2 is your best bet. It packs a huge sound for a single watt amp and you won't be disappointed unless you are expecting too much. The price is extremely cheap and of all the little amps out there, this is my favorite. If you want a portable amp for practicing, the Marshall MS-2 is a fine choice.
Audiofanzine FR03/08/2009

Audiofanzine FR's review

Marshall MS-2
(Originally written by Saturator/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
2 watt solid-state amp with guitar input and external PSU input. Controls: volume and tone knobs, on/off and clean/overdrive combo-switch.

It's quite basic but enough for a "nomad" amp. I like the funny "Playmobil" touch but I broke the reinforcement bar of the speaker and I had to open the amp to replace it. Two watts of power are enough, but the device is a bit too fragile considering the price.


It cannot be easier.

Clean/overdrive selection switch, volume and tone controls and that's it!

I didn't need the user's manual.


The amp doesn't have a real clean sound and the overdrive sound is very dirty. In OD mode, high volume settings produce a quite intense but not too metallic distortion. As a summary, it's a travel amp. Don't expect to make rehearsals with it because you'll only get an annoying sound (if someone ever hears you).

I use it with a compact multi-effects processor (Zoom G2) to have more possibilities and a better sound. It allows me to emphasize the distortion sound and to get a better dynamic response using amp models. But considering the size of the speaker, a lack of lows is unavoidable.


I've been using it for about one year and I like it because it's the only really small and light travel amp. I didn't try out other products. I just wanted an amp to hear my guitar when I practice in places like school, for example. I find the price is somewhat high considering the sound quality and the sturdiness. I would buy it again because it's the only real travel amp. If you want a better sound you'll have to add a compact multi-effects processor, like I did, but it increases the price of the system, which then becomes a bit expensive (luckily, I already had an effects processor).

MGR/Gremlin's review"Marshall MS-2"

Marshall MS-2
I bought it from a local music shop for £21.00. I got it as a stopgap before I can afford a better amp and guitar.

I like the looks of the little unit, just like a tiny half stack, and its surprisingly loud for a tiny little amp. Also the clean channel sounds quite good.

The overdrive sounds quite poor unless the volumeis turned right up full, and the battery flap rattles when its turned up loud.

The unit is well built other than the rattling battery cover.

Not a bad amp. To get around the problem of the dodgy overdrive I play it through my pc, by putting a double ended jack lead in the headphone socket on the amp and into the mic socket on my PC.

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MGR/Rick Secchi12/07/2003

MGR/Rick Secchi's review"Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp"

Marshall MS-2
I purchased this from electrohill in London, for £19.95, I needed something to carry around on holiday, so I don't lose touch with my guitar (sounds sad)

Its so handy to use and carry. You can clip it on to your trousers, so you can walk around with it. Its suprisingly loud for its size, if you turn the knob to the "OD" option, its quite loud. It has a handy headphone input, good for when you jam to yourself.

Theres nearly no bass in the sound what so ever. I can understand that for its size. The battery rounds out pretty quickly. It has no decent distortion. Just a basic rough sound. Other than that stuff, its quite decent

Its a hard plastic, so its pretty strong. Yet at the same time, if you drop it, theres a fairly good chance it might get damaged.

If you need something very small, yet handy, this will do the job. No distortion, so you might have to pack your effects pedals with this one. Fairly decent for its price. If you want a louder version of this, the Marshall MS-4 would be ideal.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Marshall MS-2"

Marshall MS-2
i got this guitar yesterday for $40.00 from

it is really small but the sound is actually loud.great for writing songs to and just messin' around.marshall is always great anyways.

i don't like how a bunch of headphones don't fit the headphone jack.thats it

great quality,and when it falls it still works great.

best mini amp there is.loud for a mini amp and really small.just won't better headphone jack.

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MGR/Andrew's review"Marshall MS-2"

Marshall MS-2
Just bought the little amp today for 35 bucks via a SamAsh not too far away from my house.

Well, i've read many reviews prior to actually purchasing this mini-amp, so i was at first a little hesitant. BUT, this little amp is very cool. Of course, its not exactly studio quality sound, but its a fun little toy. And also...the overdrive isn't half bad(well, it IS a marshall)and comparing it to my actual marshall halfstack i wasn't too disappointed.

Isn't much not to like about this amp. EXCEPT maybe the clean channel could use a little adjusting, its a little too quiet and not too clean.

The construction of the amp is very solid, I just got it today so i dont know how it will fair when dropped, but im pretty sure it will hold up very well.

This is a great little amplifier to just mess around with, (dont take it seriously!) plenty of fun, and besides its a marshall, goes along great with a real cool...

by the way, i'd rate this a 4.5 but there's only a 4 and 5 yeah

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Marshall MS-2"

Marshall MS-2
I started electric guitar at the age of 15 and to go with my guitar i bought a very cheap amplifier, i got it off the net for £22 via ebay.

Its very small and light (the power pack i boutght for it weighs more) its good for moving around the house depending on where u wonna play.

The sound is very quiet, theres no difference really between the snds of the strings them selves to what the amp is putting out on clean. OD is ok for volume tho. The sound is pretty muffeled which when compared to a simple practice amp (eg:fender 10w) it is very poor.

The little things weighs nothing and is made of very light plastic. the qaulity is ok, tho the input got a bit dodgy sometimes.

I would not recomend buying this, for just £20, £30 more u could bye a a half decent practice amp which will get allot more appreciation.

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MGR/Shifty Shellshock06/03/2002

MGR/Shifty Shellshock's review"Marshall MS2 / E Studio E15 Mini Amps Comparison"

Marshall MS-2
I bought these both at the same time at the same place at Long And Mcquade. The Marshall was $65 and the Danelectro was $70. They seems attractive, protable and quiet yet loud enough to satifsy me and my parents. I bought it with a Squier Affinity Super Strat (yah theres a new squier out)which ill be reviewing to.

Marshall MS2: Its very nice looking, it pumps out superb overdrive for its size and its got a great clean sound. Runs on batteries,User Freindly
Danelectro E15: Its just as coolio looking as the marshall. It has 3 sounds. echo, clean and vintage overdrive. They all sound unbelievbale! this amp is a bit louder then the marhsall.

Can clip em both right to my belt!

Marshall MS2: Not much, cept that it is a little bigger than the dan electro. Who cares?
Danelectro MS2: Nothing cept that it runs on 9Volt batteries which can add up to more than the amp costs after a while.

They are both build extremely well, as you would expect from both marshall and danelectro. They are durable, although i wouldnt advise dropping either as the marshall is made out of a metallic material or something almost like a hard solid plastic and the dan is made out of plastic. But they weigh next to nothing so i can run around doing impressions all i want!

I am very happy with my two selections! when i want a great overdrive i choose the MS2, when i want some effects i choose the E15, but most of all they both deliever great clean sounds. But for classsic sounds i recommend the Vintage overdrive on the danelectro! at u can listen to what they all sound like. For the price i couldnt be happier

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Xavy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Gadget"

Marshall MS-2
A transistor amp could not be more cheap!

Delivers 2W (very big "distortion" card for this amp).

A 6.3 jack for input and one for the headphones is pond.

A basic equalization gain and two modes of operation (clean and dist).


It could not be easier to use.

Manual, there was a?

We obtain sound never good. This is a gadget for the andouille is stuffed when a real amp to make music.


Not suitable for any style of music except punk street packed with beer.

I put a typical Ibanez shred a BC rich base on a Gretsch Electromatic and nothing sounds, it's just awful!

Level tones, clean you can set the tone for more or less acute, ditto dist, but it does not work miracles.

I hate all the sounds of this amp! I sold elsewhere (because I stopped drinking)!


I used less than a year so it is appalling.

I had bigger amps before, I wanted something to travel, I could put it in a backpack, if it had been it would have sounded great.

to its size its weight and look there is nothing to love with this amp.

C4EST flight cardboard for something like this, it is an item of decoration that sound amplification tool!