Moca Audio PIPE Classic
Moca Audio PIPE Classic

PIPE Classic, Portable Guitar Amp from Moca Audio.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 7 reviews )
 6 reviews86 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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kats's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Cocorico! Super "made in France"!"

Moca Audio PIPE Classic
2 amp delivers 15 watts on each HP. Requires a preamp if passive instrument.
Opportunity to ask when buying a stereo input.

One power button
12V power supply connector 1 = (+ ground) (via transformer 220V/12V = or 12V battery)
6.35 1 jack mono or stereo depending on demand.

Sobriety pure to 2kg.
Possibility of carrying system "live", but the strap brackets attached to the pipe vibrate if the belts are not used. I have fired.


I was looking for an amp to use "mobile" for a "marching band", bass and guitar.

This amp, complete with inverter and battery of a preamp is the job for the whole 3.5 kg.
Moca-Audio preamp Mojo advocates.
I am using an eq MXR M108 hand, who walks in 12V (negative mass, or the inverse of the pipe, attention). The M108 has a gain control input AND output volume, allowing the pipe to attack with the best, and whatever shape the sound the guitar used (in my case: Vigier Excalibur, Gibson ES175, 2 guitars and my favorite luthier Issoire, 1 nylon string electro-ac and 1 active low).

I also added in the chain Guitar Effects MXR M134 chorus and reverb TC nova, all under 12V. In jazz, it rolls the fire god. Well, after that it increases the weight and I have not solved the problem of portability of the complete system (belt or back brace?)


Excellent dynamics.
Surprising frequency response (low-acute balance gorgeous). My mp3 player plugged into the stereo model, it is almost like before a hi-fi! (Well, I pushed a little, OK ...)

I would not be ecstatic, but this achievement (French) is OUTSTANDING.

Used bass guitar or in a marching band rehearsal 10 zicos without battery (1 snare only): no problem.

I try this evening rehearsal jazz quintet (low-batt-sax-clarinet + bibi on guitar) with drummer tape a bit, and I'll post an edict.


Used for one good month.

Value terrible, because no competitor to my knowledge (and some time ago I'm looking for ...).

I am looking for faults ...

Reliability remains to be seen over time and during outdoor use ...

As the supplier, Marco de Moca-Audio, Super helpline, availability, and listening objectively true happiness.

I've redone this choice. I have 2 for my marching band: one for bass and one for guitar.

Go for it!

nicor6's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good product"

Moca Audio PIPE Classic
I tested the audio ipip Mocha (with tweeter)
A simple short jack connection everything is fine, everything is simple


Advantage of simplicity - only small problem there is no volume control so when the cable is not connected ca Jack may surprise.
Otherwise nothing to say and go on off


The sound is really good. Big power.
Spatialization excellent, I find a little lack of acute tears but the sound at all. What a pleasure to play. FYI I am plugged into a simulation TH2 RME 400 with a boomerang looper (I recommend also elsewhere), very versatile amp transparent. Very good weight its price performance


This is the first time I commented on Audiofanzine.
Evidence that French companies are really beautiful products.
I had read quite a positive thing, that's why I write this little review to confirm all this brief .... As already said very good value for money I recommend

Alx33's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nothing beats a lil Pipe"

Moca Audio PIPE Classic
2x15W amplifier transistor, an input jack 6.35 mm, on / off button, not easier.
Then my pipe was custom made, it has more sound stereo and 2 tweeters.
Noted that the toupee which covers the amp was not shaved like some amps.


configuration, the manual (there is one!) and sound like the amp is very simple.
we finally an amp plug & play, not even volume.


I play everything, it goes without any problem. The sound is neutral, it respects the sound of the instrument.
tried with a strat-style guitar, the sound suits me perfectly.
I plugged my ipod, the sound is great it is to dub, metal or classic (no loss of serious, acute or others).
I could not try it with my bass is passive because it = (


received today and it works perfectly.
I have a Pignose 7-100 which is not bad but I think he will go to oblivion and The Orange 35B will follow.

What is so special that you like least? I'd say the price ... but in fact not the quality / price ratio is perfect.

willbeen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Moca Audio PIPE Classic
(Stuff used for the test: Tascam FireOne + PC + Fantom XR)

A Jack mono input. The Pipe is dual mono, not stereo ... Why?
It's simple, clean, light and powerful enough to greatly annoy the neighbors.


Extremely simple ...
You plug, it works.


Tested this morning on a variety of sounds rather than the current styles, the results are very satisfactory. The sound is clean and raw as it comes with headphones (Sony HD7509).
The low hum at high volume.
The sound is definitely a bit flat.


The lithium is helpful, but offered to ask too much, you lose quality.
The frequency balance is very correct, at least in terms of pre-recorded songs but the sound is a bit flat (double mono forces). A high volume, low hum a little, but as stated in Moca Audio, the Pipe Bass is best suited for that.

The object is of good quality, sound the same but the devil for 300 euros, why not a stereo input??

I look after the gear to try rendering with a live voice and BETA58 Shure Boss Micro BR ...

goodvibe81's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Moca Audio PIPE Classic
As guitarist and playing in a dub reggae band, I was looking for a small amp powerful, lightweight and compact to allow me to repeat, beuffer plans and find friends among
. Well, you know not WHAT?
I have found.

This little amp is magique.Je still unclear how it just send as much in relation to the size and weight of the object is bluffing.
I use both with a digital multi effect pedals than with analog.
J'au could test it on a korg ms-10, an access virus c, this little amp is a veritable Swiss army knife of sound on the go.


Simple dificil. You plug the transformer provided you plug the guitar and go


Do not expect to find the same its a vox ac-30 or a fender cyberdeluxe 2000. (It's not his job)
But in its range it surpasses the small amps to great brand.
The sound is fairly neutral with a very large amplitude bass / treble.
which allows to actually sculpt the sound ammont preamps with a multi guitar effects or a mixer if used with another instrument.
It can sound jazzy or more round type fender flapping in the acute


I use it for 4 months

the most: * Ultra lightweight, easily transportable
* Power for its size
* Versatility with other instruments
* Sound very punchy

Cons: * I seek but I find no

I found the report excellent qualitprix

Congratulations to this small French company MOCA ( /) I could discover through Audiofanzine who have made ​​a small amp innovative as I wanted.

Vive la France and vive le presi .... has not so I can not !!!!!!

LePaposaure's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Moca Audio PIPE Classic


Looking primarily a device allowing me stro first to listen to music everywhere (car / room / collection outdoor), and amplify an acoustic guitar Ovation 1861, under the same conditions mobility and congestion, I found the i-Pipe (multimedia version of the Pipe Classic) the amp travel IDAL.
Ultra-lightweight, quick and easy connect, it makes an excellent quality sound, fits all types of source.
Autonomy is important battery (6 hours minimum with a high volume source Minidisc) and the possibility to spend on food is a more apprciable.
The storage bag s'avre also very practical, all the accessories of the device is still remaining hand.


N'tant specialist in not in the Contents, the tense j'apprcie sounds of the i-Pipe with a multimedia source. The distinction of the two channels remains stro Submitted, while giving his homogne, even a short distance from the speakers. With acoustic guitar (and the use of a cable spcial for dissemination on both channels), the receiver rhausse wonderfully serious, and keeps all its qualitsmme pushing the volume, never "crack" for notes or most acute sounds of string.


I possde the i-Pipe for 4 months and j'apprcie increasing its ct multi-chih.

The price / size / Qualit sound, coupled tense of the Possibility of use of the device, for me are the strengths of the product.

bonniwell's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Moca Audio PIPE Classic
Product super simple: 2kilos, between 1, 1 power supply.
Power is more than sufficient to break the ears of neighbors, and shall do so as a group if the drummer does not nag.

I bought it to go on vacation and be able to play all my instruments with great sound, and Reduces clutter.




I jou on this amp:
- The electric guitar
- The bass
- Electric violin
- The synthbr /> - the song

A guitar, I usually play on a Roland Jazz Chorus 120: I love her and slamming prcis: The pipe is the only amp whose sound approximates a (must be correct nanmoins small bump in the bass) saw the sound I seek, I play on prfre on some gear rooms rptitions (Marshall JCM, 5150 etc ...) who can not I'm looking for transitional.

A bass is simply stunning: I thought until the we could not have a real bass sound without a big cabinet ... So I had a big amp, too big for me, too powerful ... all sold!
-> The pipe can really have fun playing bass for a compact ridiculous!

In my synth collgue who usually plays in the headphones at home, found the pipe super!

I even tried with my ipod: Despite Reduces bandwidth (and rduction mono), it sounds much better than the smaller mini-multimedia speakers that we sell!


I've had three months, and I test all the sauces for the holidays.

- Size
- The weight
- The look

The -
there is no

I never really tried other "mini-amp" guitar but I think by a priori that it is the "sub products" that ultimately do not give you a sound that allows kiffer ...
With the pipe (and the fact that we should attack it with pedals prfres), sound and are fun to play with go

Yes, I do it again this election ... I think investing in the same version "multimedia" which is a hit, given the sound that gives the pipe dj classic mono and without tweeter