HK Audio Lucas 600
HK Audio Lucas 600

Lucas 600, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from HK Audio in the Lucas series.

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All user reviews for the HK Audio Lucas 600

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 21 reviews )
 13 reviews62 %
 2 reviews10 %
 3 reviews14 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Audiofanzine FR01/04/2011

Audiofanzine FR's review

HK Audio Lucas 600
Really good system.

I rented it two times for weddings.

It's easy to set up with a DJM-500 (thanks to the filters), even if the mids are a bit attenuated, which you can easily solve with an EQ. The only disadvantage of this system is the frequency balance... But who uses it without an EQ?

It's PERFECT for indoor applications with 150 people or even more.

For a larger audience, choose the 1200 system (500 people or more, outdoors...). With the system 600, the satellites don't have a very long projection but they can cover a big hall. Once you found the right position, the sound is perfect: consistent, rich and NOT AGGRESSIVE!!

As for value for money, this system is a bit expensive but you get high-quality controls and connections. Such products seduce thanks to their sturdiness rather than their looks. So the price is justified.

In short, this system is excellent for DJing, home studio, rehearsals and sound reinforcement applications. It's an excellent system and it has almost no competitor!

I WOULDN'T HESITATE to use it again in the future. I even plan to buy it!

I strongly recommend it. If you're not sure, just try out other systems and you'll come back to the LUCAS! However, don't expect a sound wall.

I give it a 9 because the perfect system doesn't exist.

Originally written by DJ Yoshix on Audiofanzine FR.

renaud.gimenez's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" helpful"

HK Audio Lucas 600
used in more than 125 JBL JRX all equalized and out of a 01v concerts for 300 people.
Satellites can catch a good treble on the box ... draft and 300 it disappears quickly.
Retrieve 'so we will not complain about it and do what it takes to make it sound the best but it's still expensive for new equipment that requires some additional tools
Choice I would go more on a system of the same brand but with double bass box and sat '12 "which does not exceed 100 people in the room ...

Gabdag's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

HK Audio Lucas 600
I use the system HK Audio Lucas 600 for nearly 5 years in both solo and in groups, in sound, not the CPA, or NEXO MARTIN AUDIO, but it's a good level . Before I had the JBL 350, excellent, but the weight, I do not raconbte and many other system, old-fashioned today.
The original price of this system is a little high, but secondhand, there's super to do business
Yes, definitely I would do this choice because, I repeat, used, it's cheap, it's not bulky and is more quickly installed and it sounds pretty good ....
If you play alone or in small ensembles, really, it's a good ssolution
Pout be honest, I just buy a second system LUCAS 600 last week
A word .....

lillo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

HK Audio Lucas 600
Here is my opinion:

I invite you simply "read" the opinion of the jembozzo 27/08/2006, for in every way my personal opinion!

I use this or Systm These systems (when there are several) in diffrent configurations and sometimes in extreme conditions (with 01v) and one (of "those"
deficits by jembozzo) changed his mind.

thank you jembozzo

HK Bravo!
DJ Yoshix10/15/2006

DJ Yoshix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

HK Audio Lucas 600
Systm This is well and I will not go into the polmique some to compare the Mac Mah ..

I used this Systm (lou 2 + times for a wedding day of the year and another marriage later.

Coupled a DJM-500, it is simple rgler (thank you filters) and even if the mediums are a little when we know of to use a minimum of an equalizer, we can still raise the same. I would say it is the only default of Systm: The audio balance .... but in any fawn use it without equalizer?

It is perfect for the indoor sound to o 150 people over by me.

Exceeds this stage, takes over Systm 1200 (500 +, external ).... but we are here on the 600 ... So the satellites do not broadcast the sound trs certainly not far away, but are all the same prvus to "scan" a large room, when nickel is really well positioned, sound is homogne rich, NOT SCREAMING!

Qualitprix level, it is a bit expensive, but the knobs are of quality connectors also ..... it's stuff that does not shout its design but its price seems justified robustesse.Le So, even if for less than 200, everyone would agree.

In short, for DJs, Home Studio, o rptitions yet the animation, Systm is excellent and have no real competition.

It is without hesitation that I rutiliserai the future, I expect the same acqurir.

I recommend it highly, and for rcitents, try several Systmes, you will return soon to Lucas! APRS dpend of all gots .... but this is not a wall of sound, let us agree.

A 9 is the MRIT Systm perfect does not exist.

Do not hesitate to VTRE opinion (there is not much) ... You Studios! %)

jembozzo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

HK Audio Lucas 600
Used for 5 years
just great
saving time and quality
I had a sono nexo prior to the
I broke my back
and the sound was no better than for the outdoors
because this system is a short-range
otherwise, excellent sound quality
very tough (about 250 dates a year for 5 years without any failure, it has never changed from a fuse)
those who say it should not sound lead to the ears
those who say it should not spit to save to buy 2
those who say that it lacks or other medium should learn to use an eq or a mixing desk
I for one couple with 01v yam and that's simply outstanding
fully transplanted group 7 mics on the drums, bass transplanted, guitar, keyboards and vocals
a killing
clarity in the sound, the round kick
nothing to say, just great for small rooms (300 people standing on tables all the same)
good buy

LePremierMinistre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

HK Audio Lucas 600
Using two evenings a week for 3 years, 300 people max.
What is appreciable is the ergonomics of the system. This is handy, connected and ready to play in 10 minutes flat. It's tough enough, believe me, mine has been expensive. Level performance is good.

What I like least is the sound quality. Lower a bit messy, powerful but not very deep. Little or no medium. Acute OK, fairly precise, but somewhat better.

If it again, I would not rather save a little for a system of better quality. However, this is 600 LUCAS ideal for parties or baloche students.
nono bobo04/29/2006

nono bobo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

HK Audio Lucas 600
HK Audio Lucas 600
I use it since March 2005, purchased during a year of research APRS! Rev hard
find occasion.
I t's a little during the hearing of Systm: the sound is linear, flat with a low
in the lower or the ca mdium should spit! I use two 12 inch speakers 200 WRMS
Brand Solton MF200A and many are no comparison ...!!!
Easy to install: yes
Performance / weight: 8 / 10
The Lucas family in original price it's really not give! Compared to the competition it
are better and cheaper elsewhere, such as art and art310a FCR 705 as.
In addition to HK "inflates" the technical data in performance of the speakers, it is necessary
remove 3 db and that changes everything!

coco64's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

HK Audio Lucas 600
I read all the reviews on the 600 LUCAS, for my part, I would say it is a compact sound system and medium quality.
The only thing that bothers me is that all opinions relate to brands.
But turns out that you are registered as SR TECHNOLOGY, PROEL, BLACK SOUND, and many others offering the same configuration at prices much affordable and quality
higher for li is found and not stop looking at a priori unfounded
I would never buy a 600 LUCAS, because I have more to 50E far better.
For information: the systems are equipped with MAC MAH HP CIARE (company exists since 1951 and which manufactures for many other brand), and also HP EMINENCE, which
the team system LUCAS

sebdu25's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

HK Audio Lucas 600
Hello I am the acquisition system soon 3 months ago. I wanted to make a point clear: the 2.1 system amplified filtered sub => sat and a patent HK .. ua I make the choice between a mac and HK mah .. I finally opted for the Powo. I do not regret that choice. I accordionist and at the same time I mix some techno .. So dux completely different style of music but the system ensures .. For those who criticized him sound (I do not know how) but now the price of a Equilizer is not what it was ... No regrets in my choice.
Also sound engineer and I've worked with systems like Electrovoice, Montarbo (from smallest to largest) Makie, Zeck, Behringer. On any of these systems I find the "angle of return" exept the Montarbo but they were fed with a very advanced technology.
Exellent product. For the first story so I offered him was outdoors for a walk coursse (the Lion of Belfort for runners) the system was more audible 150m round ..
HK Congratulations and thank you for the good time past.

The only small pitfalls of the system that I find is the size: the sub is a bit cumbersome, but at the same time if I wanted I could afford the lucas V2 but the purse I turn back .. I blame him also not to have led witnesses to accommodate peak ..