Yamaha PA Speaker Cabinets Yamaha Powered PA Speaker Cabinets
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Yamaha Powered PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Yamaha MSR250

    Yamaha MSR250 - "Clear sound"


    This Active PA cabinet delivers a huge sound no matter where you are. Though it is only a 10 inch speaker it sounds like it is a 15 inch speaker. Even in a larger space this cabinet sounds great. The weight of this speaker is a lot more than what I…

  • Yamaha DSR112

    Yamaha DSR112 - "Just as good as the 15's"


    I posted a simple review for the 15" model. This review I will go more in depth. For the DSR112, I was blown away how pure, and clean this cabinet sounded. It was very warm, and crisp, exactly what I was hoping. Yamaha has come a long way, and to int…

  • Yamaha DSR115

    Yamaha DSR115 - "very loud"


    High quality Pa Speakers with the Yamaha DSR 115, you will get a very crisp clean loud sound. I've played at the Barnes at the Wolf Trap and other larger venues in Northern VA (such as 4 ball rooms joined together); along with a variety of differen…

Translated user reviews
  • Yamaha DXR12

    Yamaha DXR12 - " effective"


    I use it for six months live Presta, outdoor area with 300 people on a large square that is past, so satisfied. Apart from the ratio Weight / Power good, they are accurate, and mix is ​​a real pleasure. Of course this is not the high end, but f…

  • Yamaha DBR15

    Yamaha DBR15 - " YAMAHA SOUND !!!!"


    I just buy it. Reims my store have make me listen to it and I was amazed by the quality of its high volume of DBR15 before I had a triphonic system AudioPhony 1200w and lately HK Lucas Performer 900w I try in a week for a benefit I think eventual…

  • Yamaha DSR115

    Yamaha DSR115 - " It always dislocates"


    I use them for 2 years. As I already wrote, I've been testing several systems via home the same day ... I listened alongside HK Lucas, QSC K12, Yamaha DSR112 DSR 115. Ben and me there no picture. What I like the most value for money in my power unb…

  • Yamaha DXR8

    Yamaha DXR8 - " Very good"


    Great for conferences with quality sound ... The power of the speaker and bass are also good speakers for musical evenings. I also use MSR400 and Yamaha DSR215. …

  • Yamaha DXR15

    Yamaha DXR15 - " dxr15 with alto tssub18"


    Hello, I use them for one month, all alone, ssay of having AudioPhony, jbl, rcf, hk, bose, martin audio. the sound is clear, powerful, good dynamics, the space with weight. I now use with a subwoofer tssub18 alto, and I must admit that all go…

  • Yamaha DSR115

    Yamaha DSR115 - " Top notch"


    Use for 2 months approx. discomobile and karaoke night. I had the opportunity to try out the DXR15. The DSR115 "grow" more than DXR15 with two models for the need to correct slightly acute. The bass is more sustained with DSR, the wooden case being t…

  • Yamaha DXR12

    Yamaha DXR12 - " An exceptional product"


    I use it for one month before I had the cube in thoman C112 for 8-inch sub and most of this many connections with the same beautiful setting for each input and output in a lightweight design lounge are mild with This very low even outdoors least fran…