Yamaha DSR215
Yamaha DSR215

DSR215, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from Yamaha.

buelltitou 07/03/2014

Yamaha DSR215 : buelltitou's user review

«  Impressive »

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In order to have a more compact than the previous sound but wanting to improve the power available and the practical side (powered speaker) we acquired Yam 2 DSR 215, certainly weight make it better be two to handle .. . We had tried indoor, low-volume, high-definition sound, easy to bring out the bass. At the last festival of the music we've tried them fully outside, directed towards the lawn, laid on the floor (we did not have enough to raise them) they do not pay mine when recedes scene ... but for the scales we mounted power gradually until three quarters of the knob and there ... amazed! Sound, although the space was not reflector was terrible (low present, although an additional box would have completed sub-bass), once the mix equalized on the table we heard distinctly all instruments ( we resume this evening two guitars, two voices, one bass and drums which itself was transplanted by 8 microphones ...) retreating to more than 20 m from the scene accuracy does not collapse ... we surprised the world and as we wanted to really test the config we pushed all the volume ... it was very hard ... even less than 10 m, but without any signal degradation or the spitting ... product has amazed us with respect to the visual volume he took the stage ... really good ... advise for those who are outside as benefits in rooms ... If by that is against coffee together better to stay on the DXR 115 or because the available power will never be used in a confined space unless you want to deafen your audience! ...