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  • A review of the Audient ASP800 8-channel mic pre and ADC

    A review of the Audient ASP800 8-channel mic pre and ADC - Why Not Add Eight?


    Not long ago we reviewed iD14, a two-channel audio interface from the British console maker Audient, which features the same type of mic preamps that are in its mixers. Audient recently started shipping the ASP800, an eight-channel mic preamp and analog-to-digital converter that connects to the optical input of the iD14 or any other interface with…

  • DI Boxes Comparative Review

    DI Boxes Comparative Review - Seven DIs on the Spot


    In the studio and on stage, DI boxes are indispensable to match impedances, make re-amping or avoid noises. However, it's not easy to choose a DI box from the multiple options available. So, when French distributor Juke Box Limited decided to make a comparative review of the different DI boxes in its catalog, AudioFanzine had no choice but to forw…

  • The Microphone Preamplifier Comparison Test

    The Microphone Preamplifier Comparison Test - The BIG Pre-Amp Faceoff


    A pair of audio heads with a studio based outside Tokyo recently contacted me with their first recorded mic preamp comparison tests. I was impressed and happy to have made friends from studio trenches far far away. Let's take a look at what they came up with.

  • Audient's Mico: The Test

    Audient's Mico: The Test - The Mico Dual Preamp


    When a brand as serious as Audient comes out with a dual mic preamp with tube simulation circuitry, variable phase adjustment and digital outputs for around $1100, one thinks that this type of product may interest more than one home-studio owner. So, disappointment or revelation?

  • Portico Series: The Test

    Portico Series: The Test - Rupert Neve Designs Portico Series


    Neve. If there’s one name that causes the studio professional’s pulse to quicken, this is it! Even if the company has gone their own separate way with AMS since 1985, Rupert Neve, creator of the brand, has not hung up his soldering iron and is still creating new modules for his Portico range.