EBS EBS-1 Classic
EBS EBS-1 Classic

EBS-1 Classic, Rackmount bass preamp from EBS.

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MGR/Billy's review"EBS Classic Mediums"

EBS EBS-1 Classic
EBS has been making high quality bass gear out of Sweden. Most recently they came out with their own line of strings. I was lucky enough to get a set to try out.

I was able to get a set a few months back before they were available to the public as of August 2011 the EBS bass strings in Nickel and Stainless Steel are available in the US. I am not sure of the price but I am going to guess it translates to around $40. I installed them on my US Standard Fender Precision bass.

Great tone! I put these on and had plenty slack left even after using the string through bridge design that the newer Fender basses use. The tuning is excellent. Once I installed them I made sure to stretch them out and after that I had no major tuning issues. The sound is very fat and warm.

None that I can think of. The strings are made in China, which is sort of a bummer as I like to buy US made strings, but hey the strings sounded great.

The strings are made from EBS' own design of a Titanium Nickel mix. Ultimately I think the titanium helps the string life as I got twice the life out of these than most of the nickel strings I tried. The gauges are a 45 G string, a 65 D string, an 85 A string and a 105 for the low E string. I really like using a higher gauge E string such as a 105 or even a 110 as it evens out the tension across the neck and helps keep things clean if you need to drop down to D.

I went out on a whim to try something new and it was a great end result. Warm tone with a long lasting string life and great tuning stability.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

gridoul's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EBS EBS-1 Classic
Modified May 13, 2010.

Prampli transistor rack 1 unit.

The one I dcris is version 2 (EBS1-V2) is this picture (lighter than the facade V1) is consistent.

The front panel includes:

- A jack between 6.35
- A potentiomtre Gain (With Peak LED)
- A potentiomtre Comp / Limit (With Peak LED)
- A switch 3 position (Bypass, Mix, Active)
- A Bright potentiomtre
- Two potentiomtres for serious (Level & Freq)
- Two for the medium rather potentiomtres (Level & Freq) plus a switch for choosing the Q of the medium rather (Low, Mid, High)
- Two potentiomtres for treble (Level & Freq)
- A "VU Maître" composed of four LEDs
- A master volume potentiomtre
- A DI output with switch (Pr Off Post)
- The Power button

The rear face has a connctique UNESCORecords:

- Food
- Line In (Jack 6.35)
- Phones
- Bi-Amp outpout (Jack 6.35)
- Effects Loop
- Outpout Stereo Jack (6.35)
- Various switch that can act on the Bi-Amp (frquences choice), the DI, the phantom power (which allows the use of EBS pedals without external power) or the effects loop .

Compared with hardware manufactured by EBS latest issue, it lacks the functions "Drive", "tube simulation" and "speaker simulation".

The potentiomtres, switches and connectors are of excellent quality.

I add a link to the manuals: http://www.bass.se/2009/manuals/ebs1cl.pdf


A switch in the facade can select the "crude" instrument (Bypass), or the handling by prampli (Active), or a blend of both (Mix).

Mode Bypass, there is no sound processing, the signal is "raw" bass.
In "Mix" is the signal BLEND "gross" from the bass equalizer of BSE.
In active mode, it was the legalization of BSE.

Bi-amplification allows the signal Separations bass and treble and a rglage min / max frequencies. Very handy if you want to use an enclosure for the bass and another for the treble.

In addition to the compressor (which works fine), it has a `prampli rglage semiconductor parameter (Level & freq) for the bass, treble and medium rather, with an additional rglage the Q (Low, Mid, High) for the medium rather. It is his strong point, you can really carve out the sound.

The icing on the cake: the potentiomtre of "bright", which adds treble and allowing the sound Slap the most specific on what can and with any type of bass.

I have, for now, not yet used the DI output

QED: prampli This is normally accompanied by a footswitch to activate or bypass the compressor and the effects loop, but having bought used, I do not availing oneself of this accessory.


If one is looking for a sound "clean" high-quality prampli this is one of the best. We can get sounds "bright" and / or "deep", the very medium rather creuss or presents, ect ... but always with a perfect DEFINITIONS.

Personally, I use it on the console is connected to a PA or amp head on my Markbass TA501 (which I Bypass the prampli) or use "home studio".

The result is always beautiful ... and the sound of an exceptional quality.

Here, no distortion type Ampeg SVT, it is not his vocation. However, if we bypass the equalizer in the EBS, we can use another prampli (SVT Sansamp for example) and a pleasant change (while enjoying the compressor) without being forced to combine the pr amps (which is never good)


It is certainly one of the best bass prampli.

Unfortunately, it is no longer manufactured and is easily findable on occasion.
This is also a chance that I acquired mine.

I clean sound quality of (DEFINITIONS, precision) at all times with any kind of low and in any location.

I use it for over 3 years and he never the (rather Enthusiasm

In comparison with the "Microbass 2" (from the same brand) it lacks some functions (Drive, Tube-Sim Sim-Speak).

In contrast, availing oneself of a BI-Amp outlet, a compressor, a semi-parameter rglage bass, treble and medium rather + Q, a "Bright" and an adjustable switch that allows / disable the equalizer.