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Thread ReMix or ReDo

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1 ReMix or ReDo
I have so many questions I don't know where to start.

Well my present dilemma is whether to remix some older music we recorded and add it to our new CD project or just do a new recording altogether.

I have the three tunes we want to remix or redo posted here at:


Would you please listen and see if they are up-dateable by a remix or should they be done over?

The new CD will have 8 new songs and these three added.

Hey guys well first of all I really enjoyed listening to these tunes. As a jazz player myself I can fully appreciate what you’re doing.

Now the mixes, for jazz, sound fine to me with the exception of some minor problems. It sounds as if there are some pops and clicks thru all of the tracks. Did you rip these from an audio cd? It almost sounds as if it were from a scratched cd. If not, then you might consider rechecking all of the tracks for clips during recording.

Now in “suck it” I can really tell this bass player was heavily influenced by Jaco Pastorius. His playing is very cool but could be further emphasized by raising that kick in the mix a tad to give it more of that staccato punch that is an essential element in funk.

Compliments on “brain tumor blues”. I can definitely hear the room sound in the solo guitar which to me is very cool. Makes me feel like I’m inside the sound.

Other than those, these are great tunes. Keep this up.
Well you have good ears...

You have kind of answered my question by stating you can largely notice the track noise. These tunes were originally on vinyl. Baldwin recording studios closed its doors a number of years ago so the masters are lost.

I might have someone use a program to pull the noise. We may just go ahead and redo the tunes but I miss that warm tube pre and tape sound from the studio.

Thanks for your many kind words. It made my day.