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Thread On Stage Monitoring

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1 On Stage Monitoring
I'm pretty new to the world of gear setup and recording. I've messed around a little bit (with some good input from Axeman).

Now I'd like to branch out a bit and mess with some of the gear at the church where I play bass. Our church setup for a band is pretty pitiful. We're doing pretty well, however. My problem is that I'm at the side of the stage monitor. I'm essentially staring at the side of it when I play. To my left is an acoustic guitar using a practice amp for a monitor, and next to him, facing the two of us, are a trumpet and two saxophones. Needless to say, it's hard for me to hear the keyboard and singer through the monitor that I'm at the side of.

I'll say what I'd like to do, and anyone can tell me what's wrong with it and maybe point me in the right direction. I'd like to take a line from the monitor output (they seem to be set up in serial) and plug that into my UB802 AUX Return. My bass is plugged into a pedal and then into a DI that splits and goes to the main board and to my own practice amp. I would remove the line from my practice amp and plug that into the LINE 1 input to the mixer. Then I'd be able to use headphones and control the volume of the bass and the monitor separately without affecting anything that is going to the main mixer. The headphones would help to block out the rest of the people a bit so I can hear the keyboard and singers.

What do you think?

Just an update: Since I didn't get any kind of response, I went ahead and tried this. It worked! The one item I added was to use the FX SEND out to my bass amp. It allowed me to control it's volume from where I sat, and the people who wanted to hear it still could. I could actually hear the piano and singer now, so I felt like I was keeping up.

Now that I can hear myself and mix in the piano and lead singer, I might consider hooking up a digital recorder to the MAIN OUT and see if I can listen to and critique what I was playing. It definitely will not be high quality recording and mixing, but it should do for now.