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Thread Newbie - Mixing Tips for Orchestra

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1 Newbie - Mixing Tips for Orchestra
Guys - any help would so much be appreciated.

Im writing musical scores - a lot of audio tracks for orchestral instruments.

This is my first one using Steinberg Nuendo.

I need some help on where to start with mixing the instruments together.

For example, I have a section in the piece that contains around 8 different stringed instruments.

Im trying to get each instrument part to "STAND OUT" and be clearly "heard" so that each is unique and defined.

What Im doing is I keep making a copy of an audio track just to get the volume up on each particular track so that it can be readily heard.

I know this must not be the right way to do it.

Can someone please steer me in the right direction with regards to some BASIC tips/dos and don's on how to mix different instrumental parts such as strings, together, so that all are clearly heard?

How can I use compression to ISOLATE each part so that each instrument stands out on its own for example?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated just to get me started at least.

Thank you in advance.