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Thread Fostex VF80ex Digital multitracker - adding effects

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Topic Fostex VF80ex Digital multitracker - adding effects
We are trying to add effects to a multitracked recording of a rock song. In trying to add flange to the guitar track we have been unable to set specific points to start and end the effects. We have put in marks and the effect works for the duaration of the track. Any ideas for how to help, or where to get help would be greatly appreciated.
Good luck, CPCC. I think most of the folks in here are using computers to record.....
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
For information. We have now contacted Fostex and found that it is not possible, due to the software used, to add more than one effect to the track. Ah well. We could only hope. Thanks for all the help.