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Thread Harcore pan recording help!!

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1 Harcore pan recording help!!
Can anyone tell me how i should pan the instruments in a 5 piece hardcore band? there's a drummer,bassist, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist and singer. I was wondering which side to put the instruments, left, right or both.
I suggest you this: Bass center, rhythm guitar center, solo guitar try to get good sound with swaping pan, singer center, back vocals half left or half right. I don't know about drums. Try center move only chimbals move left or right.

This is only MY opinion! Try to experiment and get good sound!!
There are no rules. Do what sounds good. In general the kick, snare, and bass guitar should be up the middle along with the lead vocal. The toms and cymbals should have a spread to them, with the high to lo toms more or less in order across the mix, as they would sound on a drum kit. Guitars and other instruments are open season as to where you put them.

I try to picture where the band members would be standing on a stage. For some reason, it helps me when I close my eyes to listen. 8)
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
I personally like to run the bass, kick, and lead vocals up the middle and spread the toms and cymbals as if I were watching the drummer on stage.

I've read several psycho-acoustic studies that say that the left brain (right ear) tends to process more rhythmic sounds better and the right brain (left ear) does better with melodic stuff. It's a pretty heated debate, but with that in mind, I like to put the rhythm guitar further right and even the snare slighty right (1:00).

I try to keep the solo's slightly left (10:30 - 11:00).

...just another opinion