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Thread Comments about the feature article: Mixing Tips For Headphones

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1 Comments about the feature article: Mixing Tips For Headphones
Mixing Tips For Headphones
Mixing with Headphones can be a viable option to achieving great mixes. Although it’s always recommended to use high quality monitor speakers, sometimes they aren’t a viable option. It may be late at night, you may be tweaking a mix in the car, or on a train, or late at night in your quiet neighborhood. In some aspects they are better than conventional monitors and in others they don’t compare. Let's take a look at what we can do to get the most from mixing on headphones. Starting with what they do best.

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Did you forget some other gear and realy efficient plugins, like by the way "Isone" by "Tone Booster" or "Hear" from "Flux Audio".
But then if we want to take the things seriously. What realy count in mixing in general is that what you hear is what you exactly do... so two more gears are realy essential:
DAC (digital audio converters) those processors translate more or less precisely (depending on the price and the brand) the truth about how realy sound your mixes.
The second is the headphone amplifier what gives your headphone the oportunity to sound how they should.
Cheap sound card have to do compromise between the components so sometimes an external gear can give you better result. Believe me if you want, I always try to optimise my buy cause I always had low budget, in some case buying cheaper is sometimes loose money. So learn a bit more about what you realy nead and be strategic...

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Thanks for the complementing advice. These are non exhaustive tips that, we hope, will open the discussion. Everyone is invited to share their experience about mixing with headphones, what suits them best... Some may like certain plugins, some will focus on gear...
Cheers !