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Reloop RHP news

  • Reloop launches single ear cup headphones

    Reloop launches single ear cup headphones

    07/12/14 in Reloop RHP-10 Mono

    The new Reloop RHP-10 Mono is designed for one-ear monitoring, a task mainly performed by DJs.

  • Reloop RHP-5 Skate Aid

    Reloop RHP-5 Skate Aid

    01/04/12 in Reloop RHP-5

    Reloop presents the RHP-5 series DJ headphones with integrated iPhone control.

  • Reloop RHP-20

    Reloop RHP-20

    09/09/11 in Reloop RHP-20

    Reloop announced that their new DJ Headphone RHP-20 is now available at retailers.

  • Reloop RHP-5

    Reloop RHP-5

    07/12/11 in Reloop RHP-5

    The RHP-5 comes up with new features compared to its bigger brother the RHP-10, in particular smartphone control inclufing a microphone facilitate accepting phone calls while listening to music.

  • Reloop RHP-10 Limited Editions

    Reloop RHP-10 Limited Editions

    03/07/11 in Reloop RHP-10

    The limited special editions of Reloop's headphones RHP-10 feature an engraved serial number on an aluminium plate.

  • [Musikmesse] Reloop RHP-10

    [Musikmesse] Reloop RHP-10

    03/12/08 in Reloop RHP-10

    Reloop announces the RHP-10 Headphones.