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Resonator Guitars user reviews

  • Epiphone MD-100

    Epiphone MD-100 - "MD-100 Gibson Epiphone Resonator Guitar" has images


    The MD-100 is a quite a work of art,with good craftsmanship,chromed brass body,Grover machine heads,rosewood fretboard and a round mahogany neck it's good for strumming, finger picking,and of course my favorite slide. There is no sound to compare…

  • Gretsch G9221 Bobtail Steel Round-Neck A.E.

    Gretsch G9221 Bobtail Steel Round-Neck A.E. - "Great Reso for the money"


    I don't play slide but do love the sound of a good resonator. It has a different kind of sound and I like that. This guitar once I got it set up, it is now very easy to play and sounds great plugged in and also unplugged. It s a loud guitar unplugge…

  • National Tricone Hollowneck polished nickel plated brass

    National Tricone Hollowneck polished nickel plated brass - "The Ultimate Blues Machine" has images


    This series are hand made in the USA. They are limited in number (mine is 007). As an acoustic tri-cone, there are no controls. The most unique thing about this guitar is that it has a hollow square neck constructed as an extension of the body (i.e.:…

  • Regal RD-52 Black Lighting

    Regal RD-52 Black Lighting - moosers's review


    The Regal RD-52 Black Lightning is a square neck resonator acoustic guitar. I’ve used this guitar a few times on my own sessions at a studio that I used to work at. In general I’m a huge fan of the sound of resonator guitars and find square neck ve…

  • National Reso-Lectric

    National Reso-Lectric - moosers's review


    The National Reso-Lectric is one of the coolest and most interesting guitars that I've had the pleasure of recording. It is a combination of a resonator dobro style guitar paired with the power of an electric guitar. While I wasn't the artist on th…

  • Liberty Guitars AF100 Dobro

    Liberty Guitars AF100 Dobro - moosers's review


    The Liberty Guitars AF100 Dobro is an acoustic resonator guitar.  It has the standard make up of resonator guitar and isn't an electric of any sort as the body and metal resonators give it the unique sound that it has.  I'm not sure what type of mate…

  • National Dobro

    National Dobro - moosers's review


    The National Dobro guitar has about twenty frets and since it is indeed a dobro, it has no pick ups or anything like that - it relies on the resonators to get its sound.  It has the standard make up in terms of its resonator and beyond this there isn…

  • Fender FR-50 Resonator

    Fender FR-50 Resonator - moosers's review


    The Fender Resonator FR 50 is an acoustic resonator guitar that has no pick ups or setting controls, and relies on metal resonators to give it its unique sound. The neck is made out of rosewood, and it has a spruce top with mahogany sides. UTILIZATI…

  • Jay Turser JT-RES

    Jay Turser JT-RES - "Jay Turser Jay Turser"


    I paid around £150 on this guitar but i think it was on a special offer at a guitar fair. I was looking for a cheap Les Paul and this one looked perfect for me. This guitar looks great and it plays great at good price. It has a nice tone I have play…

Translated user reviews
  • Gibson Dobrolektric

    Gibson Dobrolektric - " electric dobro!"


    dobro manufactured by gibson, since the takeover by the brand. it is an electric dobro equipped with a piezo sensor, a wonderful p90 and three knobs: -a volume -a tone -and above all, a knob which mixes the p90 and piezo ... yum !!!! the w…