Fender FR-50 Resonator
Fender FR-50 Resonator

FR-50 Resonator, Resonator Guitar from Fender in the FR series.

macko 09/30/2004

Fender FR-50 Resonator : macko's user review


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Made in Japan (?) Is not indicated.
Medium frets, 20 boxes
no micro
Pica crate plywood, solid trs.
Fender type neck al.
all benefitted from a good finish.
Its looks great, ensures a great success.


The handle is enjoyable, not rev faster, but trs handy, you can play in two positions
as there are no notches, Access in acute is limited.
The weight of the guitar is consquent: the PSE rsonnateur a good weight, it was "something" in hand
The volume is consquent: the guitar is made for a.
Unlike some guitars rsonnateur, its use is not limited to slide away from l. The agreements are simple and the solos. The strings are close to the handle, all is very well rgl.


Trs good sound for blues, the blues specially the south.
the Młoda are also made with a natural rverbration quite enjoyable.
However, do not expect the sharpness in the sound, it is not an Ovation.
But sure, the guitar is heard.


I've had 18 months.
It is idalie for the blues, and usable for Młoda (thanks its natural rverbration)
In this price range, it has no concurrency.
Competition, without naming it, is to use less enjoyable, to finish well back and the draft.
At the exprience, I would do the same choice. I choose can be the MODEL, latest issue, with notches and a bridge pickup, but more expensive.