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Rodec user reviews

  • Rodec CX-1100

    Rodec CX-1100 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by warazor/translated from Audiofanzine FR) 100% analog mixer with a huge headroom. You can fully turn up the gain, EQ and master controls and still no distortion, you have endless headroom... XLR master output (the famous 3.3-…

Translated user reviews
  • Rodec MX-3000

    Rodec MX-3000 - " 3000 RODEC ... TOP TOP !!!"


    Hello, After 38 years in the business I could not find the FREEVOX and mine was to change. I had everything, DYNACORD, FRANK, POWER, etc. And above 4 FREEVOX. Ah !!! SOUND !!! I found nothing that matches my wishes ... I even tried reloop and PIONN…

  • Rodec Restyler

    Rodec Restyler - " Nothing more"


    The pros: the restyle is good build quality, the sound is clean, easy connectors (jack / RCA) The -: the effects, no LFO, ENV, etc. ...... Brief for DJs who wish to affect their mixes look elsewhere, this is a shame, It is difficult to find a…

  • Rodec Restyler

    Rodec Restyler - " RESTYLER"


    Hello. I can not even tell you much about this filter because I have not tested much. What I can tell you is the quality of sound that emerges attention to pregnant .... The effects are different and the filter does a very good job.Très well i…

  • Rodec MX180 MK3

    Rodec MX180 MK3 - " A bomb!"


    19 "rack XLK output or RCA 4 entry chacunes of 4 tracks + track micro UTILIZATION Simple configuration No need to understand the manual operation Regret at the "buttons" PFL. I'd rather push buttons on the series as "Original" ... Is neg…

  • Rodec MX1800

    Rodec MX1800 - araknophonik's review


    Is rack? yes What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)? it is very complete just watch the backside to understand How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, returns ...)? 4ch phono line microphone 1 microphone channel 2masters…

  • Rodec Basic

    Rodec Basic - " Felt like one another ..."


    How long have you been using? -1 Months. What feature do you like most? -Simple. the least? -I already used that slipped felts better (but with a plastic sheet below is perfect). Did you try many other models before buying it? The Jam…

  • Rodec CX-1100

    Rodec CX-1100 - " Excellent"


    ditto previous opinions. Just to say (as written below) the table is much prettier in real life than on the pictures internets ... matte painting gives it a bit of a side "warehouse" very underground ... UTILIZATION config: easy ... Manual:…

  • Rodec MixBox MKII Cold Grey

    Rodec MixBox MKII Cold Grey - " Superb product"


    This is a great mixer, it is rack via optional adapters that are on the sides. It has 2 inputs (1 gold plated phono, line 1) by CAR. It has 2 master outputs separated by RCA, a direct output RCA It has a mic input jack. UTILIZATION It is …

  • Rodec Restyler

    Rodec Restyler - " very good and very accurate filter"


    very pleasantly surprised by its manufacture, far ahead of other brands the filter is quite nice to use and does not go in all directions, it is easy to play only on certain frequencies I used to use live behind a Monomachine I would put 5 …