Rodec MX180 MK3
Rodec MX180 MK3

MX180 MK3, 4+ Channel Mixer from Rodec.

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Laurenzo59 02/09/2005

Rodec MX180 MK3 : Laurenzo59's user review


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Is it still worth Submitted this table? Yes you may say for novices who have not yet adopted. Well I promise I will conform to rponse questions.

It is a 19-inch Rack Mount Mixer
It has 4 channels with possibility to connect 4 sources difffrentes by (phono, cd / dat, md / in, and microphone and a fifth stage for the DJ microphone.
The rglages remain classics, gain, high, med, low and interesting balance on each channel.
Pipelines Limited table if necessary to receive an "effect".


The grip is of course a well-placed buttons perfect readability,
potentiometers are enjoyable flexible and robust
the manual is well done but frankly useless because the table is again very easy to use


As for the sound that is, in short
EXCELLENT no breath sounds perfect and musclbr />, because stress thing when most of the tables
the market have an output voltage to the terminals
Amplifier 1.5 volts, the MX 180 MKIII she goes
VOLT, 3, and I can tell you that admenage.


I use it for 4 years, nothing wrong, it's not for nothing that a vast majority of team
clubs in the north of France and Belgium.
In terms of strengths:

- Robustness: Never break circuits mounted vertically to reduce the possibly of a DGAT introduction of liquid (drink) in the table.

- The output voltage of master 3 VOLT

- The sound of the table

- The look with the fluorescent display in the dark

Ngati points: There? stupid question (may be the price in 1200) is the quality at this price

Before this product I went through a number of consoles moving from low end to high-end Pioneer djm 600 ex.

If I had to choose again I will not change will be so reliable a shame to change .....