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Roland Cube news

  • [NAMM] [VIDEO] New Roland tone capsules & amp
    Hot newsNAMM

    [NAMM] [VIDEO] New Roland tone capsules & amp

    01/26/16 in Roland Blues Cube Hot

    At the NAMM, Roland has released a new Tone Capsule for its Blues Cube amps, and introduced a new amp: the Blues Cube Hot.

  • [NAMM][VIDEO] Roland EJ Tone Capsule
    Hot newsNAMM

    [NAMM][VIDEO] Roland EJ Tone Capsule

    01/24/15 in Roland EJ Tone Capsule

    Roland and Eric Johnson reworked the Blues Cube guitar combo so that they can receive the new Tone Capsule modification circuit.

  • Roland adds a 10W combo to the Cube line

    Roland adds a 10W combo to the Cube line

    07/01/14 in Roland Cube-10GX

    Roland completes its Cube range with the Cube-10GX 10W combo for guitar.

  • [Musikmesse][VIDEO] A new Cube Street at Roland’s
    Hot newsMusikmesse

    [Musikmesse][VIDEO] A new Cube Street at Roland’s

    03/13/14 in Roland Cube Street EX

    Roland introduces the new EX version of its Cube Street portable guitar amp at Musikmesse 2014.

  • Roland Cube Lite Review
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    Roland Cube Lite Review

    07/25/13 in Roland Cube Lite

    In order to counter the successful Yamaha THR10 and THR5 "coffee table amps," Roland announced the launch of the Cube Lite during the last NAMM, which extends the well-known Cube series.

  • [NAMM] Roland CUBE Lite Monitor

    [NAMM] Roland CUBE Lite Monitor

    01/22/13 in Roland Cube Lite Monitor

    Roland introduces the CUBE Lite Monitor, a 2.1 monitoring system for instruments that includes an iOS interface.

  • Roland Cube-XL Series

    Roland Cube-XL Series

    09/23/10 in Roland Cube-80XL

    Roland U.S. announced the Cube-XL series (made of the Cube-80XL, -40XL, -20XL, and -15XL) of guitar amplifiers, the latest generation of its Cube amp family.

  • Roland Ships Cube-80X

    Roland Ships Cube-80X

    04/16/09 in Roland Cube-80X

    Roland has announced the availability of its new CUBE-80X Guitar Amplifier.

  • [NAMM] Roland Cube-80X Guitar Amp

    [NAMM] Roland Cube-80X Guitar Amp

    01/20/09 in Roland Cube-80X

    Roland introduced a new guitar amplifier in the Cube-Series lineup, the new Cube-80X Guitar Amplifier.

  • [Musikmesse] Roland Mobile Cube

    [Musikmesse] Roland Mobile Cube

    03/13/08 in Roland Mobile Cube

    Roland introduces the battery-powered Mobile Cube combo.